Me vs THE JIGGLE (& Sinus Infection) DAY 5

This would have been posted Friday, but that would mean that the sinus infection, rude doctors office, ER visit and coming home to a house without power wouldn’t have happened.

The day just started off bad.  I woke up with my head throbbing, shooting pains going across my face and down my jaw and neck. I felt like crap.  I have had a headache for over two weeks at this point.  I thought it was just allergies.  I kept putting it of only to wake up that morning thinking my head would explode.  I got the kids off to school and decided I had worked too hard to stop my exercise routine.  So, I put on my shoes and took my curvaceous chocolate Lab, Seanna with me to the bus stop.  Kay and Zach were off to school and we took a short walk together.  It was beautiful, but every time my left foot hit the pavement, my head felt like my heart was beating inside it.  Owe.  I went home to call my doctor to schedule and appointment, and that’s when it all started to get worse. 

I had to look up my provided since I have had no need for a doctor since arriving in December.  I got the information and called.  The receptionist who answered the phone obviously wasn’t hugged as a child because she was a little angry inside.  I politely explained that I was a new patient of Dr. so and so and needed to schedule an appointment for a sinus infection.  Her reply, “No you’re not.  He is not taking new patients!” I apologized for the confusion, told her I had a letter in front of me with his name on it stating I was a new patient and to tell you that when I called to make sure I had the time to fill out new paperwork when I arrived. Her reply, “No, you are not our patient,” and hung up on me.  Wow.

So, I called Tricare and told them what had just happened.  I explained that even if that was my doctor, I’d really like a different one.  They were great and told me to pick a new one.  I asked what I could do now to be seen soon for my sinus infection.  They told me that it will be a while to process the new doctor information and to go to the Emergency Room.  Now this I don’t like.  It is such a waste of money!? I asked if there was a way I could just be seen on base or at an urgent care and she said no since I didn’t have a PCM.  So, my only option was to go to the ER.  How stupid.  But, I was in pain, so I went.

I felt silly walking into the ER without an emergency.  I explained what happened to the ER receptionist and apologized for it not being important.  Ok, so I apologized to everyone who came into contact with me.  They had me out in 15-20 mins with prescriptions in hand.  They were wonderful.  Walgreens took longer to fill my meds.  Go figure. Hurting and tired, I bought a power aide and took my first round in the parking lot of Walgreens.  It is now after 5pm on Friday.  The kids are both home and have all ready informed me that the power is out.  The Husband is on Duty (of course he is) I hurry home and spend the rest of the evening without power.  The kids ate cereal for dinner, we had no running water (our well pump uses electricity) and I finally sat down in my quiet living room with the windows open listening to the trees move in the wind.  I was snuggled under the softest blanket, in my PJ’s.  Just as my eyes started to close….. rrrRRRRREEAAAARRRRRRrrrrrrEEAARRRR…….my neighbors started their very loud gas generator. Awesomeness. My head throbbed harder.

The power came back on during the night. Thank goodness.

So, I did exercise, but it was not a good day. hopefully Monday will be better and I can run. : )

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