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Marie and Nicholas

Marie with her husband, Nicholas

About Marie

Marie’s focus is to bring women and spouses together through her writing and speaking engagements. She has endured over 15 underways and deployments while only losing her mind, not her children or pets.   Now, with two teenagers and a career (military) husband, the adventure is just beginning.

When Marie isn’t acting as wife and mom, she is juggling her time between the non-profits she works for and  writing  infamous Newspaper Columns like, “Anything But Dependent”.

Her Column and Blog have been shared around the world by commands, service members, spouses, family members, and civilians. Marie’s writing has earned her the prestigious, “Chief of Information Merit Award” (U.S. NAVY), and her Blog has been called, “The Best Military Spouse Blog”, was a finalist in the “2012 Milbloggies (MilSpouse Category)”, and was named one of the TOP TEN Military Family Blogs by (2012).

 Her humor and to the point writing makes it feel like you are one of her closest friends talking over drinks. She has often said, “I hope that in making my life transparent through my writing, it will help spouses know that they are not alone.” And transparent she is! The Good, the Bad, and the Deployment are always written about. Married over 15 years to her Husband Nicholas, they now live in a tiny waterfront town in Washington State with their children and two dogs…until the next orders.  You can reach Marie at marieangela(at)

*Marie is now available to speak at FRG meetings and milspouse Socials in the Washington State area. Please email Marie for more information.

5 thoughts on “Author Bio

  1. Where are you located in WA? We are at NAS Whidbey and have been for 10 years now! Read “I love my husband more than you” and it hit home! We’ve been married and with the military or 18 years now. I wish our commands were much more “together” these days. Everyone ones there own thing it seems. I miss the days of FRG and get togethers! Kathy

  2. Reading your “bio” reminds me of me! My husband did back-to-back sea duty billets before taking his first shore duty. And then all of a sudden 8 years later I had managed to have 2 kids and then raise them mostly by myself. Our third child got lucky….she was born at the very beginning of shore duty! LOL I love reading your blog. =)

  3. Your not far from me.. 🙂 I have come across your blog on facebook that someone in my FRG posted.. It’s always intresting to know what other wives do and think about being married to the military.. My hubby is on a Sub Stationed at Bangor..

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