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In 2011 I created this Blog to stay connected to readers of my newspaper column after I decided to take time off to enjoy shore duty with my family. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would become as popular as it has. Something that started so small, has now circled the globe and is reaching record numbers. (anywhere from 1,000 – 50,000 a day)

The blue star that you see in my logo represents the service of the military dependent. 

This is still a personal Blog (See Disclaimer Page).

I do not receive money to write, nor will I at this time. Please respect that this is my personal property and yes, I do have feelings.  Know that with this comes my personal experiences.  These will not be your experiences. You are more than welcome to take what you need and want from this site and leave what doesn’t apply. Our military is a diverse melting pot and no two situations/deployments/underways/missions are the same. Please be respectful, kind, and know I will do the same. And lastly, I have a very good sense of humor. If you are reading something and questioning if I am joking, I probably am.  I have found that laughter can relieve pain, heal the heart, and is always contagious.

You can reach me at marieangela@mac.com

10 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Hi Zach!

    This is a great question. Most commands will have an FRG (Family Readiness Group) and fiancés, girlfriends/boyfriends are welcomed to attend. Your girlfriend can be as involved as you want her to be! You will get to decide who your point of contact is before deployments and she will be notified of news, events, and will be able to send you emails and even be a part of mail drops. These days, GF’s can do just about everything a wife can (as support to her sailor), they just don’t have a military ID and will not have the privileges, such as, shopping on base and using military facilities without you. I spoke at an FRG meeting tonight where there were a number of GF’s that attend meetings and functions. So, she will not be alone in her “status” and will be welcomed just the same. Subs are a very tight community. I’m positive she will have all the support she needs! Good Luck!



  2. Hi Marie;

    I’m soon going to become a submariner and I was looking for empowering material to assist my girlfriend as we both transition towards this life course. So far, I’ve really enjoyed what I read here and I was curious to see if you have published anything that discusses the differences between military wives and military girlfriends. Of course, I hope we tie the knot sooner than later, but currently she is feeling more “on the outside looking in” as an individual whom the military offers little assistance until after she’s a “dependent.”


  3. Brand new to the “military spouse” thing. I am happy to find there are other blogs out there that I might relate to and get advice from!

  4. I’m a Marine wife and I consider myself a seasoned wife (7 years, 3 deployments to OEF and OIF) and I look forward to reading what you have to say. Cheers!

  5. Hi Marie,

    I am a freelance journalists writing an article regarding military deployment and the effect it leaves on the loved ones left behind. I am even more intrigued by the amount and size of support groups that you ladies have started. If you are willing, I would love to talk to any number of you about how you are dealing with “his” deployment and time away as well as the support and advice rallied by your fellow military wives. My name is Camille Sarabia and please contact me at csarabia@indiana.edu if you are interested. Thankyou!

  6. Hi Marie! I just wanted to say hello and thank you! I have been a MilSpouse for a year now and I can’t tell you how much you have helped me. The post you did called “I love my husband more than you love yours” changed my whole outlook on deployment and gave me peace with what I was feeling and what lied ahead. Your blog is hands down my favorite. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  7. Jen,

    Thanks so much. Summer/family time has kept me away from posting as much as I like, but hey, you can’t get this time back. September will open a new door and windows…;)Keep reading and I promise the stories will keep coming. I love what I do and finding the humor in it all is how we “survive”. Although, I have my moments like everyone else. If you haven’t read, “The Sailors Daughter” that is the perfect example of a “moment”. Ah the crazy life of the Military Wife. 😉 Thanks again for the kind words and I am loving the Pacific Northwet. 😉

  8. Marie,

    I just discovered your blog through a Facebook posting. I am not one that follows or posts to blogs (except my fabulous friend Nicole’s, also a Navy wife) but I think will make an exception for yours.

    I loved your post “Honey, where is my super suit!?”. When my husband was on his last sea duty I can remember cringing every time the phone would ring because I knew that he was going to be pulled back to that darn boat! I also enjoyed the posts with Deployment ideas for the Submariner and Submariner’s wife. I will be showing that one to my husband when he returns from this underway.

    We have two children the same age as yours (just flip the genders) and were also stationed up in the Great Northwet (that isn’t a typo). We loved it there so much that we kept our house and are renting it out in hopes of returning. Well, two homeport changes and 3 1/2 years later and we are no closer to returning to Poulsbo. 😦 But we have thoroughly enjoyed Hawaii and San Diego in the interim.

    Thank you for keeping this crazy life choice in a positive light and finding humor in it all.

    Your new follower,

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