Mom Moments

Everyone that is a mother knows what a Mom Moment is. They are little gifts that make us laugh, cry, or shake our head.  I love to share them for two reasons. One, my blog is like a journal that I will have someday to look back on when I can’t remember to put my teeth in, let alone the cute things my children did when I was 30. And two, they are just fun! So here are my Mom Moments from this last week.

  • I am standing behind my 9-year-old daughter brushing her hair in front of my bathroom mirror before school.  On days we are not rushed, I take my time and we talk. I know that she is old enough to brush her hair on her own and that this time I have with her is limited.  Soon, she will be in her room with her music turned up while getting herself ready for the day. 😦 So we are chatting and she is rubbing her neck under her chin.  I watch as she continues to do this.  Then, out of the blue she says, “Mom, I’m happy that I’m a girl and not a boy!”  I (very confused) said, “ME TOO! But why??” She then says, “Because boys have a bumpy thing on their neck and it’s ugly and annoying!” I laughed, agreed with her and said, “Well thank goodness we are girls!” We both laughed.

  • A conversation overheard between my 12-year-old son and my 9-year-old daughter while walking into a store:

KAY: (to Zach) Why do you open doors for all the ladies but me!?

ZACH: Because you are not a lady, you are a girl. . .and you come in my room without asking.

  • My 12 yr old, Zach is VERY excited about getting older, becoming a teenager, and of course growing body hair. He came running down the stairs and into the kitchen with his arm held high above his head standing in front of me shirtless.  He excitedly points to his armpit and exclaims, “I have a hair!!!” I tried not to laugh….a lot.  “Wow”, I said squinting to see the new addition. He then says, “I named it Henry”. lol  And for those of you that don’t know us, relax, he is just being silly. This hair is not his new BFF.  We just like to have fun in our house. 😉

Just a glimpse into my week. I love being “Mom”.

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