You can’t make this stuff up.

Moving to Washington state was exciting for many reasons, but for me, I had a very selfish reason. I am a closet fashionista. I live for rich fabrics, fun patterns and soft color palates. I can’t even tell you the excitement I feel for vintage clothing and I could write a page on accessories. But most would never have known this about me. Living in the hot and humid South, I just wanted to be comfortable. On days that I worked outside the home, I would try to throw something together that I wouldn’t die in just walking from the parking lot into the air-conditioning. There were sun dresses that I adored, but being 5’10 made everything a *risk*. Dresses ran short, airy and far from child proof. So, on most days that I wasn’t volunteering or working, you found me in simple shorts, airy tops, and flip-flops. It was easy, but so boring. 

The move to Washington gave me hope. Not only are there real seasons, but Seattle is a very fashion forward city. I. Was. Thrilled. I have been slowly, but constantly adding to my now fun wardrobe. I have beautiful flowing tops, rich sweaters, tons of colorful scarfs, long necklaces, and my most favorite addition yet, boots. Here in the beautiful Fall weather I love wearing a simple top with a scarf/necklace, skinny jeans, and a pair of incredible boots. I can be Mom in this and still be put together.

The other day, my fun and fashionable friend, Kate, showed up to school in the cutest boots. As we chatted about them she explained they were rain-boots. This excited me because I had yet to see a pair that didn’t look like rubber galoshes! So, with her blessing I copied her fun look and bought these cute rain boots. I loved them, but they were too snug to fit over my jeans. I took them into the local Cobbler to have a 4-5 inch slit sewn into the back seem to allow more room. apparently he wrote it down wrong and it was interpreted as, “Cut them 4-5 inches up” and so I ended up with ankle booties.

*sigh* You can’t make this stuff up. The Cobbler is reimbursing me for the work and the boots, thank goodness. But, how this actually happened baffles me. This kind of stuff happens to me a little too often. you just have to laugh. 😉


2 thoughts on “You can’t make this stuff up.

  1. Oh no! I meant to leave my comment in a different place. The rain boot mix-up is awful! Funny, but awful — and now I sound like a total spaz.

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