Me VS The Jiggles – The finale.

It all started when a dear new friend of mine Carlotta, asked if I would do a workout challenge with her. She’s pretty awesome and funny, so I figured at least I’d be entertained. I don’t think we are really “competing” with each other. We are doing this to encourage each other. For some reason, knowing she was working out today, made me want to work out. So, I did. Crampy and all. I wanted to curl up with a heating pad on the couch and eat M&M’s and drink wine, but instead I went for a long bike ride with my husband and daughter while our son was at his keeper training. It was a lot of fun and turned out to be an amazing night. I even switched to a much harder gear on our last go around. I was feelin’ the burn!

I want everyone interested to join in. My goal is to lose 20lbs by my birthday. (December 5th).

I should state, that I am within my “healthy weight range”. I weighed in this morning at 171.6. And at just under 5’11, that puts me in most size 8’s, but inching into my size 10 jeans. I’m normally a 6/8. I’m not an unhealthy person, but I fell off the wagon when I moved to the PNW. The summer before moving, I was my normal 153 lbs and feeling great. My weight would fluctuate from 145-155 lbs and that fit my lifestyle. Then, I moved and I put everything before myself. Not good. I’m not toned anymore. I want to be stronger. I need to take some weight off for the sake of my (bad) knee and arthritis.

I know what I need to do. I worked out with a friend/personal trainer every day for years. I know what I eat isn’t the problem, it’s my activity level. My husband and I believe in “good food.”  We read labels, sugar is limited and consumed more so by eating fruit. Eating out is a “treat”.

I’m very lucky to have a health nut as a husband who is more than happy to encourage me. I’m also cursed to have a health nut as a husband who is always in shape and makes it look so easy.

I needed this. I needed someone to say, “Let’s do this!” Otherwise, I’d find reasons to put myself last. Thank you Carlotta, for making this fun. Thank you for challenging me and entertaining me. I look forward to the trash talking. I feel a video coming on. . . Like the WWF wrestlers that look deeply into the camera and say things like, “I see YOU Carlotta! And let me tell you something else that I see! I see YOU (pointing finger into the camera) LOSING to MEEE!! That’s right, I’m gonna win this, if it’s the last thing I do!!” Sadly, I don’t have any neon spandex to wear. Bummer.

So, there it is. Me VS The jiggles has started once again.


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