Honey, Where is my Super Suit!?

Every time the red phone (aka the husbands work phone) rings at O’Dark thirty or my favorite time right after dinner, I think of the movie “The Incredibles” and this exchange of words between husband and wife.

Lucius: Honey?
Honey: What?
Lucius: Where’s my super suit?
Honey: What?
Lucius: Where – is – my – super – suit?
Honey: I, uh, put it away.
[helicopter explodes outside]
Lucius: *Where*?
Honey: *Why* do you *need* to know?
Lucius: I need it!
[Lucius rummages through another room in his condo]
Honey: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no derrin’-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!
Lucius: The public is in danger!
Honey: My evening’s in danger!
Lucius: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
Honey: ‘Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

I don’t know how many plans have been changed or cancelled or even better, how many times I’ve shown up to an event alone.  It’s part of our life and we have to take it with a grain of salt.  Sort of.  I wouldn’t say that I’ve handled every moment with grace.  There have been times where I’ve tried to bribe him out of going…sadly, it’s never worked.  I’ve often wanted to hide the super suit, but haven’t had the nerve to sit on the couch with my legs crossed calmly reading a magazine while he tears apart the house looking for it.  But, I have had a similar exchange of words from across the house like Lucius and Honey.


Me: Don’t answer it!

The Husband(ignoring me):Hello “Blah Blah Blah *where he works* insert rank/title/name


The Husband (still ignoring me): Yes, I’ll be right there.

Me: We’ve been looking forward to this for months?! Seriously? This couldn’t wait until tomorrow? How can they need you now at 7pm and not be able to wait until 7am??? Is something going to explode or will there be a nuclear melt down if you don’t go now????

The husband: *Gives me the look*

Me: Pfft.

The husband Puts on the super suit, kisses my head and leaves to save the world…or fix a boat. You would think it’s the same thing the way they sound when they call.  And I forgo romantic plans to put on sweat pants and drink wine while watching trashy TV.

Ahh the life of a military wife 😉

14 thoughts on “Honey, Where is my Super Suit!?

  1. I still love reading your posts..mainly when I’m having a “moment”. Am currently getting the “What dates are you visiting us for Christmas?” phone calls from family. We haven’t been able to plan for years as some work thing always crops up, so prefer to spontaneously drive the 6 hours to visit. Yet they still refuse to comprehend the way we have to live and react as though we’re refusing to commit dates on purpose! Grrr. Time for bed here, comfy pjs and trash tv..hubbys phone rang earlier and he disappeared for a quick job. 5 hours later… Love to you all fellow amazing wifeys

  2. We just watched this the other day and I love that scene in the movie, it totally reminds me of me and my husband. It’s always the worst timing too, he left me in the hospital the day after we had our first son to go and do a report, and he was already on leave, I was fuming. I’ll only be gone for an hour or two, 5 hours later, he came back to the hospital. I remember me telling him “so, what, you’re the only one who knows how to do this report? who’s going to do it when we leave this place or if you get deployed? what will they do then? will the shop stop working? and because they can’t get it done, the whole marine corps will fall apart?” He of course did not respond to that, but said It will be quick. That was the worst one. But you learn to adapt and just go with it.

  3. This literally made me LOL. It is SO my life right now! My husband is currently not home because he was called away to work while he was on his way home from work lol. But as much as it sucks not to have him home for dinner or have to skip out on plans when we’ve already spent money on the tickets, I made it a rule to never get upset. Because I know it’s not his fault, I know he would much rather be home with me, and I don’t ever want to be responsible for adding on to the negative things in his life.

  4. Thanks for the comment Melanie! I’m so happy you are reading my random and sometimes pointless posts! 😉 It feels good to know we can all relate. 🙂

  5. That describes my life so well! After almost 11 years of being married to a submariner, we don’t plan anything any more. Last time he tried to take leave, he worked 3/4 of a day for 2 days, then gave up and cancelled the rest of his leave period because he knew he would be at work anyway. We had family visiting from out of state and had 10 whole days of plans that we were just hoping he could join us for part of them. It is what it is, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. I have come to realize that he has as little control over it as we do, so getting upset with him does not accomplish anything. I have learned to respond better and it has helped us tremendously. Best wishes to ALL wives who face these challenges regularly.

  6. LOVE THIS. Our family in TX recently asked if we were going to plan a trip to go visit. I said “No. I can’t plan something like that.” Well “WHY NOT? Doesn’t J get vacation time?” My response was “No, he doesn’t work at McDonalds, he’s in the NAVY and is never home.” Its hard to explain how we live, people don’t understand it.

  7. Kim ~ Great comment! I too make plans the way you do and have “sweated it out” when making reservations and going past the point of no return with refunds. It’s funny how we adapt and it’s the little things that make out lives so…shall I say, *entertaining*!? I once had to cancel a reservation at our favorite resort in Orlando last minute because of the husbands schedule…I was pleasantly surprised when a manager got on the phone and decided to refund it in full even though we were canceling the day of! We were frequent guest, but they didn’t have to do anything. It was VERY nice of them, but I’m sure they knew it was good customer service and we would be back. Other than that one, we’ve done pretty well. We’ve made LOTS of last minute reservations…including me calling on the phone on our way to the destination! It’s my “side job” I’m a traveling travel agent. 😉

  8. I rarely make hard and fast plans. Generally it goes to @$#! when I do. Now days, if plans are made, it is hours in advance, not days. I have a general idea of what we are going to do – but nothing like “Saturday, beach, Monday, movies, Tuesday, aquarium.” It is more like, next week I would like to think about going to the beach and maybe a movie…not sure what days, we will see what happens. I did make plans to go to a hotel for our anniversary and planned a sitter this year. I was sweating the whole time worrying if the plans would get canceled before our “point of no return” time for a refund. Even then, we planned on going to a luau at the hotel, but ended up not doing that since they didn’t do those on the night that we went…. but ended up having a great time “flying by the seat of our pants and going with the flow”

  9. For grins and giggles, try taking the phone and running. Sadly, my husband is a runner and can catch me within seconds. Pfft. Very rarely does he find my antics amusing. Hiss loss. 😉

  10. Thank you for this post! It came at the perfect time and is a great reminder that it is not up to him when he is there or what he misses, and that I need to handle the situation with a little more grace and a little less pout/frustration.

  11. Thankfully, we never had a “red phone”. But thank you for your grace in understanding when that phone rings. Even if it sucks.

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