It’s like getting back on a bike, right?

For those of you that have been there, done that, you get that sea duty is full of “the unexpected.”  I apparently forgot this over my two years of shore duty (or what I lovingly refer to as that time I put myself in a grown-up time out).  Back to back sea tours and a year of living apart tested me, my marriage, and by the amount I now spend on hair color, my sanity.  Shore duty was ah-mazing and I have no regrets that I took the much needed break.  I also realize how incredible it was that I had the option to do so.  BUT, it was only supposed to last until early 2013!   I *planned* that I would be writing full time and pursuing my own dream job by the beginning of 2013.  We are now inching towards the end of 2013 and I am just now sitting in a very dusty office.  I’m pretty sure I need to spend a full day just updating software programs and remembering where things are.  It’s a little overwhelming, but it feels good to be in my ‘space’.  We’ve had a few family and career hiccups and all I can say is that I’m grateful for healthy children, a strong marriage, and a beautiful life together.  Have you ever had one of those life moments that made you see the sky a little bluer or just made you stop everything and hug your kids/spouse a little harder?  That pretty much sums up my delays and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Today, I’m starting with this post and continuing on though my maze of a life.  I’ve realized writing on a blog can be fun, maybe more fun than a newspaper column?  I’ve even toyed with creating a more universal Blog about life, parenting, and more…Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog, but I created it with the idea of posting my columns and a few other stories here and there.  Being a ‘milspouse’ is only a small part of who I am and if I’m going to write more, why not encompass all the things that make up my life?  Lots to think about and consider.  Also, I’ve been approached by companies that want to sponsor or advertise on this site.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, either.  I’ve noticed other sites that have done it tastefully, but honestly I’m not sure I’m ready to make my hobby a ‘job’.

I’m crossing my fingers that this is just like getting back on a bike after a long winter.  I’m sure there will be some small swerves and I’ll forget that the brakes are so sensitive, but I’ll figure it out and it will be like I never took the break.  Thank you to all of my readers who follow my ramblings.  Now, let’s go for a ride. . . 

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