Happy 2013. Here is your New Year reminder.

*Taken from the SITE DISCLAIMERS page of this blog. 



I am not a therapist, social worker or doctor of any kind. I am a wife of an Active Duty Service Member, Mother, Writer, Designer, Friend, and this is a Blog, not WebMD. Any advice given is done so from “one spouse to another” and while done so with best intentions and years of experience, it is just my opinion andjust my advice. Please seek professional help when needed.
Legally, Morally and Just because I can…..
I can and will refuse to add or approve mean or hurtful comments to this Blog, affiliated websites, Facebook & Twitter. “Friends” added to all these sites are at my discretion and will be deleted, unfriended or banished if trouble from said person arises.
TheyCallMeDependent.com is NOT affiliated with the United States Navy, The Department of Defense or The Federal Government, nor are the opinions stated on this blog a representation of any organization.
“Anything But Dependent” is a weekly spouse Column that has been published in Military Publications such as, The Periscope Newspaper. The Name and it’s contents belong to it’s author (Marie Hobson) and cannot be reproduced without permission or proper credit given.
 OPSEC: (Operations Security)
Please no discussion of unit / ship / boat movements, dates, command names, port calls, destinations, mail drops, homecomings, peoples names in connection with a command, no spreading rumors, no causing hate and discontent.  In regards to OPSEC,  posts may not always be in “present time”. Example: If  writing a post about deployment, that does not mean “the husband” is deployed. If  I write about a current situation such as dry dock, shift work, refit, forward deployments, port calls, etc, I will wait to post these. If you read a post on this, it has been written at an earlier date and I have waited to post so that I do not give the location of a boat at any given time.  I never write about the boats condition or status. I want to keep my husband and your spouses/family SAFE!!

Please feel free to share anything on this blog, but do so responsibly by giving credit to the author/site and provide a link back to this site when applicable.


If you have Questions, Concerns, or comments: Please email Marie at marieangela@mac.com 


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