Filling the void of deployments by becoming the Osmonds of Soccer

IMG_3500Dad/Coach warming up his Son/Goalie  

Yesterday my husband calls very chipper from his office and says, “Hey! Do you want to play on an indoor soccer team with me and Zach (our 14-year-old Goalie)”?  A few things quickly went through my mind. 1) I don’t play soccer. 2) I don’t know how to play soccer. 3) He must be asking because they are desperate to find women for the team. 4) Zach loves to play with his Dad, but his MOM!?!?

Within seconds and without much hesitation I replied, “Sure, why not!?” My husband in shock says, “Really?? You’ll play??” (He’s been trying to talk me into this for a year or two) Me, “Yep. If you’ll teach me.” He yells back to another guy at the office, “She said YES!”  And he then lets me go. 

I’ve worked out for months now. I’ve lost 14 of the 20 pounds that I set for my goal. I know I can keep up, but I seriously have no idea what I am doing. I’ve watched my husband and son play, but I don’t know the rules of indoor soccer well and the idea of it is intimidating. I’ve wanted to learn for years now, so I figure getting thrown into it is the only way to go.

We are going to be the Osmonds of soccer. Zach will be the Goalie, the husband and I will be field players and our 10-year-old daughter will be our team manager/water girl/cheer leader/mascot. She is more than willing to take part, because the idea of Mom playing has captured her interest. She wants to play too, but isn’t old enough for the league.

When my son arrived home yesterday, I told him that his Dad signed us up for an indoor team. He looked confused and said, “Who is “US”?”

I then explained I would be playing and he looked scared, shocked, and entertained all at once. He replied, “Seriously?? YOU are going to play …on a team….with me?”  “YEP!” I replied cheerfully. “It’s going to be ah-mazing!” 

He then asked when we will play. I said, “the 23rd.” He quickly looks at the calendar, then at me and firmly states, “We will be practicing every single day.” I agreed and he walked off laughing and shaking his head.

What he doesn’t know is that I am doing this for him. Sure, I would love to share an interest as a family, but we do tons of stuff together. We already share lots of interests. This isn’t needed. I could live without touching a soccer ball. 51% of this is for Zach. 49% is about family time and having a fun way to stay active.

The husband is returning to sea duty in a couple of months.  This is the same time Zach will be trying out for his Select/competitive league  and first High School team.  He is a Goalie and needs someone to practice with.  I was able to stand in for Dad years ago during deployments, but that was for little youth sports teams on base.  He needs more than me kicking a ball in a general direction.

I need to understand the game to be supportive for him and help fill the void left by his Dad deploying.  Over the last two years, Dad has been there for 99.9% of the games and practices.  He even helped coach his teams.  This will be a huge transition for Zach to start the new season without his partner in fun.  I know I can’t fill my husbands shoes, but I can take this opportunity to share an interest with my son and hopefully be able to help him when he would normally need “Dad”.

So, this Mom is learning how to play soccer. It may not be pretty, but I’m going to put my heart into it.  Zach will be graduating from High School and applying to colleges during this sea tour. (Such a crazy emotional thought) More than anything now, he wants to be a Goalie for a college team.  And this is how I am going to support his dream.  Hopefully by the end of this next year, I’ll know the game, be able to give guidance/support, and he’ll respect the knowledge I gain and maybe even have fun sharing the love of the game with me.

This is what we do. We do our best to fill the void. 

My Goalie, Zach 14 yrs oldMy favorite Goalie

3 thoughts on “Filling the void of deployments by becoming the Osmonds of Soccer

  1. This is an awesome post. I did something similar in learning as much as I could about wrestling and football as my husband is spending my 14 yr old’s first year in high school away from us in Korea. I haven’t gotten on the mat but we’ve done lots of working out and menu planning and me just learning the terminology and other stuff. You do what you have to do, what a blessing you are to your children!

  2. You are a wonderful Mum and such an inspiration to others. I know you don’t write your blog for any other reason than to share but you give support without trying. Thanks from across the globe cheers from Clare

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