Aloha! “They Call Me Dependent” is coming to Hawaii!


The last few months have been full of many, many things.  I’ve committed to my health and for the first time in years, followed through on working out.  7 lbs lost and I am feeling better than I have in a long time.  I will be continuing “Me vs The Jiggles” while on vacation and plan to cross my half way point and be down 10 or more pounds by the time I return.

Many curve balls have been thrown in my personal life, but I’m still standing and laughing.  What else can you do?  Well, you can go on a vacation which just happens to involve visiting your sexy husband in Hawaii.  That’ll make everything better!

A few weeks ago, the husband was talking about a work trip he had in Hawaii.  He looked at me and said, “You should come, even if I have to work, you need a vacation.”  I laughed at this idea.  Me?  Leave the kids?  That’s what HE does, not me.  I’m always home balancing my want to stay at home and my want to work and pursue dreams.  I’m always busy, but I like it that way.  My full life is rewarding, exhausting, and empowering.  I love what I do.  I didn’t think I *needed* a vacation.  Funny, as a Mom you think of needs vs wants.  I never once, in fourteen plus years ever considered *wanting* a vacation. 

The husband and I eloped many moons ago and never had a honeymoon. We’ve been parents from the beginning and always running full speed ahead. The idea of being alone together is new and exciting. (Even after 14 years.)  The idea of me being somewhere without lists of to-dos, books stacked next to me, my work, laundry, housework, and dishes has me thinking I may never come back.  Ok, so I will.  Only because I will miss my children.  I’m quite fond of them. 😉

So, when the husband said it was a go for his trip, I did something I’ve never done.  I booked a flight to meet him for a week in Hawaii.  I called my amazing sister to come stay with the kids and dogs.  Her job?  Just be “me” for a week.  She is a young 30-year-old without children.  I hope this week doesn’t change her mind about having them.  I did threaten my 14 and 10-year-old to be overly amazing and reminded them they didn’t want to be responsible for “Aunt Merielle” not wanting to have children of her own!  They laughed, knowing there will not be a problem.  They are incredible kids that love their Aunt and will have a blast with her.  I love her for giving up her life for a week to come give me peace of mind and my first adult vacation.

I am very much looking forward to this break.  7 days and no one to take care of, but myself.  But, like every trip I take, I will be doing what I love most. . .meeting with fellow Military Spouses!  I do what I can wherever I go.  I have a couple of speaking engagements planned and some fun “meet & greets”.  I think I’m just as excited to meet these command spouses, FRG’s, and fellow wives as I am to be on vacation!  I always make such amazing connections and if I can touch just one spouse with my words, it is more than worth it. My goal is that spouses leave with a new thought or feeling and with that, feel inspired to share it.

My stories are not just my own.  My words are a collection of hundreds or even thousands of spouses words spanning over years of their own “service”.  I’m just putting them all together and sharing them.  I don’t take the credit or claim the wisdom is my own.  I’m merely a wife of an active duty service member who has been given a platform.  I’m not a therapist or counselor.  I am you.  I am the girlfriend/fiancé struggling in the “wife’s world.”  I am the young wife scared and alone.  I am the new wife finding her place.  I am the Mother, raising children through deployment after deployment.   I am the wife wishing he would hurry up and just leave.  I’m the woman missing the man she married.  And I am the seasoned wife holding the hand of the newest (and alone) Mom.  – I am you.  Our experience may not be the same. Our stories and our struggles may vary, but we are the same.  So, I will share my stories and hope that they bring back memories to you, shine light on current struggles, and let you know you are not alone. If we all did this, we’d probably save a lot of tears and dissolve so many of our fears. I can’t wait. “They Call Me Dependent” is on a work-cation!

To the Hawaii wives I will have the pleasure of meeting, thank you.  Thank you for sharing your days and events with me.  I will see you very soon!


One thought on “Aloha! “They Call Me Dependent” is coming to Hawaii!

  1. Aloha, Marie! Oh how I wish I could have met you when you visited! I just found your blog via a link on FB and read your, “Confessions of a Milspouse – I love my husband more than you love yours.” Loved it. As an “older” wife of a deployed soldier with two kiddos….I could totally relate! Loved the story! Would have loved to have shown you around our beautiful island….or at least pointed you in the right direction…..where only most of the locals know where to go! Hope you had a fabulous time!

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