Me VS The Jiggles – Week 2

The Fitness Nazi aka My Husband getting ready for our first “run” together.
Aaaaand there is “The Look” I get when I’ve taking too many pictures. Hehe.

Week one was rough. I did 1 and 1/2 workouts before cramps set in and I benched myself. I still tried to do what I could, but it wasn’t much. I ate pretty well and felt even better. Today is the start of week two. And since it was Columbus Day, the Husband was off and I had the genius idea to workout together. We have been an item for 14 years this month and we have never attempted this. Why? Well, because my husband is a fitness nazi and there is no way we could ever be on the same level or even page. And when I say “not on the same page”, I mean an entirely different book, in another series, in a dusty library across town.

I’m over 5’10 and keep up with my weight by doing yoga or pilates. I try to throw in walks or 30 mins on the treadmill to keep my heart healthy. I eat well, indulging in ‘treats’ a few times a week, but always in moderation. Wine is my weakness, but I don’t drink excessively . . .unless I’m playing cards with the women next door. Then, my ‘pour’ is a *cough* little heavy. To lose weight, I step it up, doing 3-5 days a week of cardio and an all over body workout with light weights. I try to keep my diet consistent so I know that I can easily maintain it when I reach my goal weight/fitness level. Once I reach my happy place, I scale back and stay fit by living an active lifestyle.

Then, there is my husband. He is a get up at O’Dark Thirty, Navy Hooyah, drop and do a bazillion push ups just because he can kind of guy. . . He doesn’t like working out, he loves working out. He is an athlete. . . a runner. . . a swimmer. . . he can play any sport. At 5’9 (he likes to say 5’9 1/2) and 155-160lbs. . .he is a machine. He needs to consume around 3,000 calories a day to keep up with his activity level.

It was cute when we met and I was a size 4 and in great health. It was even sexy. After a major surgery, three knee surgeries, and a hospitalization with pneumonia, my body became something I didn’t recognize. I’ve had to retrain my lungs and work harder than ever before to feel like myself again. That’s when my husband became annoying. While I was struggling to lift myself up to use the bathroom in a full leg brace with over 40 extra pounds that I gained from a year of limited mobility, he was doing push-ups in a bedroom at O’Dark Thirty.

I was depressed. My husband was never the reason. He was supportive, loving, and told me every day how beautiful I was. I never felt unloved. I did however feel self-conscious, unattractive, tired, weak, pathetic, and just huge. I didn’t feel good. My weight went from ranging 138-145lbs to over 188lbs. This is when I hit “bottom”.

After lots of hard work, I was back down to 150lbs. I wasn’t concerned with reaching a “number”, I just wanted to feel good. 150lbs felt good. I weighed just over that when I moved across the country almost two years ago. A week ago I weighed 171.6lbs. Today, I weighed in at 169.8lbs. It’s a start. I’m not going to make excuses to how I got to this point. I’m just going to fix it.

Today, I worked out with my husband for the first time. For some reason, I was nervous. I thought this would surely never work. I was wrong. . .surprised and wrong. Not only was he supportive, he was encouraging. We normally tease a lot back and forth, but somehow he knew not to and instead gave me reassuring smiles, taught me new exercises, and made me feel good. I guess that is what I should have expected, especially after 14 years together. I realized that I’m lucky to have him, not just as my husband, but my best friend. He has agreed to make a work out plan with me and help me in any way. Who knows, maybe I’ll find him inspiring instead of a sexy, yet annoying fitness nazi.

I would call this a very successful start to Week Two!!

Starting weight: 171.6 lbs

2nd weigh in: 169.8 lbs

Total weight lost: 1.8 lbs

Total to go: 19.8 lbs

One thought on “Me VS The Jiggles – Week 2

  1. Yay! Im glad that you’ve got such a supportive husband! Its terrible when your body isnt want you want it to be or what you are used to. After my pregnancy, I hated myself for a long time, I wasnt used to be bigger or out of shape. It takes a lot of work. Good luck!

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