Words are forever

Doing some research for writing topic and I had to stop due to the headache I was getting…Please, please, please Milspouses, fiancés and girlfriends…You MUST think before posting on Social Networks (FB,TWITTER,MessageBoards,ETC) In fact, not only should we be thinking, but *pausing* and asking ourselves, Why am I posting this? What is the outcome I expect? Could this possibly hurt someones feelings? Will this cause unnecessary drama/feelings? Am I allowed to talk about this? Is it within OPSEC? Is this a need or a want? Where did I get my information? Am I spreading hearsay? ETC…Then, after you can answer all of those questions, ask yourself, “Do I want this posted under my name FOREVER?” Words are forever. Once written or spoken, they cannot be taken back, so choose your words carefully!

(And share this with as many groups/friends/etc you can.)

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