Married to the Military

To the Spouses of Service Members past and present, Thank You.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a fellow spouse in my thoughts. The best way I could describe a Military Spouse is an ordinary man/woman who is called upon to do extraordinary things. We are given no manuals, books, or lectures. We chose to marry our partner who shares their heart with our country, but we didn’t ‘choose’ this life. We are tied to something, yet have no contract. We are parents, homemakers and professionals. We stand next to you in the store check out line, we are the teacher and your child’s school and the doctor you see when something is wrong. What most people don’t think about when we smile at them in line at the store, speak to them at their parent conference meeting or treat their illness, is that it’s been months since we have been touched…hugged…kissed by the ones we love. Our life as milspouses is not harder, it’s just different. We are proud, resourceful and strong. And I’m honored to be among them.

Military Spouses are everyday people who at some point gave their heart to not only their partner, but their country.  They  are people in your every day life  doing every day things. But, there is a difference. When needed, they become extraordinary. Happy Military Spouse Day to all my fellow Milspouses! ((HUGS)) ~ Marie


I never wore the uniform,
no medals on my chest.
The band it doesn’t play for me,
I am not among “the Best.”
I do not march in cadence,
I do not rate salute,
I stand among the silent ranks,
our devotion absolute.If you’ve not worn my shoes,
you do not know my story.
I live a life of sacrifice,
my reward a private glory.
I’ve wept many silent nights away,
and I’ve kept the home fires burning.
I’ve worried and I’ve waited,
as world events were churning.I’ve moved more times than you could fathom,
left more people than you’ve known.
I’ve planted gardens ‘round the world —
Very few that I’ve seen grown.
I’ve grieved with new-made widows,
and had my share of scares —
when a ship or plane or man was down,
and all I had were prayers.

I’m not asking for your sympathy,
(although appreciation can be nice)
I did it quite on purpose though —
I chose to sacrifice.
I’ll tell you a secret now,
one you’d never guess.
About the one glory that is mine,
it’s just enough – no more, no less.

When you and I stand together
as our national anthem plays,
I’ll fill with reminiscences
of how I spent those days.
I’ll know the pain and joys again,
I’ll know that freedom isn’t free,
I’ll know I’ve helped to pay the price …

and that the anthem plays for me.

Elizabeth Soutter Schwarzer
Wife of a United States Marine


  1. Thank you Ladies. Fit and Busy, my husband and I eloped for that reason, had a big celebration with family months later and 13 years together and not one regret. I hope you are able to have the wedding you want and are able to be together soon! 🙂

  2. Marie, as a new Milspouse, your blog is so wonderful. I’ve been with my Marine for over 2 years, we’ve been long distance most of that time and a deployment has now pushed our wedding back even farther. Thank you for the honesty, reality checks, and support

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