Friday Ramblings 5/11/12

After a week of being sick near death with the Flu, I am finally starting to feel better. I started to feel bad last Friday and blamed allergies. Then, on Monday while sitting in the waiting room at the Jeep Dealership…I turned green. Like, I need to run to the bathroom or grab a trash can but can’t seem to move because it’s all happening so fast kind of green. At first I thought it was the diagnosis for our jeep that was causing me to literally feel sick. (They told us front and rear differentials, transfer case, transmission and so, so much more was broken….) I couldn’t even open my mouth to say, “Can you tell me what IS working on the Jeep?”  I was going to be sick. I somehow gathered some inner strength. <–The kind you find when your children are all throwing up and you have to stay focused, calm and try not to be sick…It worked. I was able to ‘keep it together‘ as we rented a car and drove home. I’ve been in Pajamas and covered in dirty tissues ever since.

I couldn’t write, I could barely function. I went to get milk out of the fridge one morning for my daughter’s breakfast and it was gone. I knew we had milk. I just had it out for my son who left earlier. I stood in the middle of my kitchen completely perplexed. I went to the pantry to get oatmeal out and there was the milk. That was when I realized I was really sick and my ten year old daughter might be better off if I just let her get her own breakfast. My daughter sat in awe of my confusion. She’s never been old enough to notice the consequences of Mom being sick. She said in a concerned and cautious voice, “Mom, I think you need to lay down. I’ve got this.” She was right. I went to the couch and she finished getting breakfast.

The rest of the week wasn’t any better. I tried to write, but couldn’t put sentences together. My head was to congested and felt like it was on fire. But, now I’m having a better day and just in time! It’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day and nothing says “Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day” like, “My Husband has Duty!” Go figure. So, I will be running from my Daughter’s Ballet Class to my Son’s Soccer try-outs and making that all work while feeling ‘Appreciated’. I’m sure my husband doesn’t even know what today is. That’s ok, I’m pretty sure he appreciates me on a regular basis. He may be able to operate a nuclear submarine, but the man can’t find his shoes without me. 😉

I’m going to try not to over do it today. I hope to have the next posts I was working on published next week. Weekends are for friends and family…go enjoy yours and enjoy your day spouses!



2 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings 5/11/12

  1. A friend sent me one of your recent postings, and I just became a subscriber to your blog — you are fantastic!!!! Looking forward to your words appearing in my inbox on a regular basis!!!

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