Confessions of a Milspouse

My current post was going to be about friendship. Then, as I wrote, emails kept coming. I didn’t realize it was such a big topic. 99% of those who wrote, asked to be anonymous. I didn’t realize it was a big secret topic. Then, I started writing. And writing. And writing some more. I didn’t realize it was such a personal topic. I didn’t realize a lot. There is more to talk about than friendship.  Sometimes when I write, I write to share a thought I already have. It’s easy to answer a question that has been asked a thousand times. With time, my answers evolve and hopefully become even more insightful. But, there are times I write, like this last week, that I feel like I was answering myself. I was digging for answers…searching my heart for the right way to go about such a sensitive topics. I walked away from this many times this last week. I wrote, then stopped. I started over, then stopped. It’s important for me to be honest, but to keep in mind who is reading this. My ‘sorority’ is one of the largest and diverse known. A Military spouse *club*, as many refer to it. All ages, experiences, backgrounds, genders and beliefs. So, this next topic has many parts. Some of it will apply to you and not others. Some will apply to all of us.

I had to start somewhere, and decided to go with “the beginning”. I know, original.

I’m calling the next series of Post, “Confessions of a Milspouse”.

It should probably be a book at this rate. I feel like that’s what I’ve written. This is a personal look into our lives as military spouses that are not talked about enough…or at all. Some stories are my own, some have been shared with me. All are true. Many are emotional, some poke fun at ourselves and others may seem unnecessary, but I ask that as you read them, share them. Email them, Facebook them, let others know they are not alone. Maybe we can all become a little more transparent…honest. Maybe then we won’t need to be anonymous.

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