Mom Tip Tuesday 4/24/12

Today my post is a “Mom Tip”. I have a ten year-old girl and 13 -year-old boy wildebeest. And every day when they get home, I hear rummaging through the pantry. Then I hear, “Mom! Can I have ______ (fill in the blank)?” Of course they pray I’m only half listening and will answer “yes” to their candy or ice cream request, but sadly, I’m on to their game. I’m tired of them asking what they can have….over, and over, and over like today they will break me and I will yell, “YES!” to Oreos. I tried explaining the difference between a “treat” and a “snack”. In our house, a treat is a “treat”. It is candy, cookies, ice cream, and normally not healthy. It’s a treat, because you don’t get to have it whenever you want. A snack is something you need in-between meals to keep your energy up. Your body needs it and it is a healthier choice like fruit, veggies, granola, nuts, etc. Of course, when I explain this to them, they just hear, “Blah, blah, blah, candy, blah, blah, blah, fruit.”  So, I had to simplify. I created, “The Snack Basket” in our pantry. It’s simple. If it’s in the Basket, you don’t have to ask Mom or Dad (<–Ha! I threw Dad in for fun…they walk past him to ask me.) if you can have it. The snack basket is full of snack ideas for after school and you can have your pick of one (or any fruit or veggie), no questions asked. Now, you will notice not every snack is the healthiest in my picture, but it gives them some choices and it works. This has really made it easy for them to make better choices and not to have to ask every time. For younger kids, this idea still works. You could set a basket out with “approved” snacks for after school, weekends, even parties. The kids now have a “go to” place for snacks and hopefully, they are learning what a “snack”  is in the process since I try to find new things to put in the basket each week. And there you have it.

2 thoughts on “Mom Tip Tuesday 4/24/12

  1. Absolutely love that idea!! I just got through organizing my pantry and cabinets yet again from the kids rummaging! And yes, just like your kids, candy always seems to be on the THEIR menu. I am going to prepare a snack basket this afternoon!

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