Sunday Inspiration

Life is short. We’ve all been told that. But, when your better half is away, you sometimes put things off. “We’ll take that trip…when Dad comes home.” or “I will start my business after this deployment.” I realized a long time ago that I was living, “around my Husbands Military Career”.  That’s ok, but I was realizing that my children were getting older and I hadn’t done certain things with them…and I was getting older and I hadn’t reached my goals I had set into place years before. So, I started looking at life differently. ‘I‘ had my own life. (I know, crazy.) I had a life that my husband came and went out of. At no point should my life ‘stop’ because he is unable to be part of it. It was an epiphany for me. I started taking trips with the kids, I started hobbies…I followed through on things I had put off until he had time. Some would say, “But I want to do those things with my Spouse!” Of course I would want to have my husband there in a perfect world, but in reality, he has to go. And once I realized that my life didn’t stop when he deployed, I found a new sense of strength and happiness. I was a better wife and mother. I was living. So, my advice to every spouse is to live YOUR life to it’s fullest. You can do things ‘again’, when your service member returns. Don’t wait, because life is short and tomorrow is just a thought, never a promise.

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