Office, Blog & Facebook ‘Face Lift’ and I’m tweeting on Twitter!

Lots of changes have happened in the last few months. And with transition comes obstacles. What milspouse life would be complete without Murphy’s Law rearing its ugly head? Not mine. Apparently, I’m a magnet for entertainment. Not my entertainment, but those who surround me watching with popcorn in hand. I started off very excited about setting up a home office that would be peaceful and organized for me to write and create designs. After furniture delivery mishaps (meaning the delivery company lost my furniture and then dropped the crate with it in it…) and having to make decisions on software and equipment I knew little about, the office makeover quickly became something I had to walk away from at times. There were days I walked by the double french doors and couldn’t even look in. But, now it’s 99% complete. It took so much longer than anticipated, but that’s because I was in a ‘dream state’ when I started. Reality soon kicked in and I found myself in over my head.
I had no idea so much stress could come from my *dream*. You would think after going through some of the health issues and deployments I would have floated through this. I.Was.Wrong.
The GOOD NEWS is that I’m getting things done. The office is usable to write. The Blog got a little ‘Face Lift’. I created a new Facebook Page (click here to go to it and like it/share it). And I even started Tweeting! ( @MarieAngelaH )
The only thing keeping me from flying through the rest (designing cards) is the software and equipment hurdle. I am teaching myself (until I can take a class) how to use the software and equipment needed for me to create. . .Luckily, I like to learn. I’m hoping by next week I will have a schedule down for writing and posting so that I can dedicate hours each day to learning. Did I mention I’d like to work out every day too? I’m going to call on my inner ‘deployment super powers’ and do this right.
Here are some pictures of my new zen workspace. I’ll share some bigger/better ones soon. I started working this morning at 7am and it’s now 12:38am…time to get some rest. The Daughter has 4 recitals this weekend and I volunteered to do the little girls dressing room. I’ll need sleep.

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