Blog Ideas. Anything you would like to see?

I’m supposed to wait until later this week to be on the computer (due to the self-inflicted eye infection), but I don’t listen well. I am wearing my glasses, though! I’m getting some great emails from readers about everything from deployment questions, worries & concerns, etiquette for FRG’s, Balls, and Socials, and my favorites…just a supportive comment about something I posted. I’ve decided that with the makeover will come some new post ideas.

Here’s the list so far:

Sunday – Inspirational post

Monday – Workout update/motivation *PLUS guest blogger entry? (I’ve had a lot of request from others to guest blog and would love to have them!)

Tuesday – My own entry

Wednesday – Hump Day Humor

Thursday – Ask Marie (I will answer questions that are emailed to me by readers. Can be    anonymous)

Friday – Red Friday Post

Saturday – Picture of the Day

These are all subject to change and I’m open to all request and comments! On top of these ideas, I would also be doing my own random post about my own random thoughts.

Today, I’m trying to find some new looks for the blog. So, if this looks different, do not be concerned, it’s still me and my ramblings. It may change a few times over the next few days. . .

Happy Hump Day!

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