Taxes ? ?

Have you done your taxes yet? I was putting mine off, because I felt overwhelmed. Being Active Duty, with a new business in WA, rental property in GA, home of record in MO, investments, a refinanced mortgage, and charitable donations….I figured I wouldn’t be able to do them myself this year. I was wrong. After I already bought the software to attempt to do them myself, a friend mentioned that H&R Block was offering free filing for Military through Military One Source.

I hadn’t opened the software and thought, “Well, why not give this a try, it’s FREE!” So, I did and last night I finished and e-filed my taxes. This morning I woke up to an email confirmation telling my that the IRS has accepted and processed my return. My refund will be deposited into my bank account within 8 days. It Was. Easy. If I can do it, you can. You have nothing to lose trying it. There is a help line if you have questions and H&R Block will do a free “second look” if you take it in. (Call to make sure your  local H&R Block participates).

Just thought I’d share my cool find with other milspouses that procrastinate like I do. 🙂

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