Day 01 Me VS The Jiggles



I did JM’s first video this morning. In fact, I had left the house to take the dog to the groomer and instead of continuing on with my day and getting my running around done, I turned around and went back home to work out. I knew if I didn’t, I would have plenty of excuses later. It added hours to my day and caused me not to get my errands done. But, I worked out.

Everyone is asking me what I think of the “Body Revolution” work out. So, here is my honest opinion.

I think you will lose weight if you stick with any diet and exercise. There is no magic process that will make you healthy. With that said, people have preferences and I do believe some techniques may work better than others. 

This series seems like it will work. The concept of engaging different muscles continuously and not stopping for breaks, just makes sense. 30 mins is appealing and easy to fit in to any schedule. 

Besides feeling like I was going to be sick…twice, the work out was great. I do, however, feel that Jillian M. has cameras installed in my house. At one point, I said out loud  (Yes, I talk to myself), “I’m going to DIE!” Within seconds JM Yells, “You’re not going to DIE!!!” I glanced around like, WTH? I kept going. A little later we were doing triceps and I was holding two dumbbells behind my head (one in each hand) and lifting them above my head, straightening my arms. I felt that it was getting heavy and went to put down an weight, thinking I could just use one weight. As I did this, JM yells, “Don’t you put down a weight! No cheating!! I can see YOU!” At this point I’m convinced she CAN see me and I’m a little freaked out. I didn’t put down the weight. 

At the end of the workout when she said, “You are done!” I did say, “Thank you Baby Jesus!” and hobble out of the room for water. 

JM means business. My body doesn’t hurt in a terrible way, but I do feel muscles that haven’t been used since child birth. I know my abs have never known the plank position. Now, they are aquatinted and I’m not sure how long this ‘friendship’ will last. I would love to have “abs”. . .real abs. I feel like if I continue on this crazy workout I could reconsider my career path. Maybe I could become a swimsuit model?? Heh. Maybe not, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have those kind of abs? Abso-flippin-lutely! 

For now, I will settle for the energy I feel from working out and the fact that it is 8:30pm and I am ready for bed. This is huge for me. 

Day 01 was a success. Tomorrow, let’s just hope that I can walk. 

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