When did you start dressing like a Mom!?

“When did you start wearing cardigans and khaki’s?!” That’s what my husband asked when looking at a picture of me in a pair of low rise hip hugger jeans and a very snug little t-shirt with the words “charmer” across the boobs. I wanted to throw my Kate Spade Flats at his head.  “I still have those jeans and that shirt”, I exclaimed! (I was 18 in this photo)What I didn’t divulge is that I can’t fit one leg into the pants and the shirt is more than snug. Later that night I flipped through the photos myself. When did I take the detour down Mom Road? I have decided that I will not go quietly! I am not going to fade into wearing pearls and loafers. I won’t do it. I consider myself a pretty stylish person, at least I thought I was. SIGH.  Maybe I can be both?  Yes, that will work! But the question still stands, When did it start?  Hmmmm……My worse nightmare is being one of those women in the back of the magazine with the black bar over my eyes that says, “DON’T DO THIS”!

The other thing I noticed is the the color of my Bras and underwear have slowly started to fade to beige. I was reading in some book that this isn’t healthy for a marriage and that I should be buying sexy, stringy things that don’t have 4 in wide straps. My husband has hinted a few times when seeing a red lace bra in the catalog. But it is sooooo much easier to have beige! it goes under everything!!!  Uhhggg!  It doesn’t make sense. It’s not like I wear it to bed. But, for the sake of it, I am going to go to Victorias Secret and test this theory. It’s supposed to make you feel sexier wearing prettier things….I’ll let you know if it’s true.  I need to go now to test the theory before Homecoming. Because frankly, the husband won’t care if I am wearing a rice bag as a dress. ; )

I’m going shopping!

2 thoughts on “When did you start dressing like a Mom!?

  1. LOL. Beige does go under everything! (Just don’t go to white…. then it’s too late…)

    Hope you find some cute little thing at VS!

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