Column-FFA ( Fast Food Anonymous)

small1428170Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  I have really change my eating habits over the last few months.  I’ve read labels, buying fresh fruit and veggies every week and making out weekly menus so that we never have to guess what to make for dinner.  It has been WONDERFUL.  I eat 6 times a day.  I am never hungry, I have plenty of energy and I never have that full bloated feeling of eating too much.  Even the kids and husband have gotten use to eating the whole wheat bread and pasta!  We are all eating better and it shows!  Tonight we had Violin practice, then straight to Basketball practice.  After Basketball we splurged and stopped at McDonalds.  I told myself walking in, that I would have a fresh salad, fruit, and unsweetened tea.  I kept saying it to myself over and over in my head as if I would forget. But when I got to the counter, my brain didn’t connect with my mouth.  My mouth said, two cheese burgers with Big Mac Sauce and a Dr. Pepper, PLEASE.  Then I got excited that my mouth won over my brain! YES!! I enjoyed every bite.  It was amazing!  Then, I felt guilty.  And now, two hours after I ate it I feel sooooo stupid, because my stomach is literally churning over and over as if my food is looking for a way out.  I FEEL TERRIBLE!  What was I thinking!?  I now see that my body does not want McDonalds.  I can’t even eat it every once in a while because it now makes me sick.   I need a FFA group (Fast Food Anonymous).  I need to be able to call them when I’m in the Drive thru lane. . .

  • ME: dialing 1-800-McFatty
  • FFA: Hello, Fast Food Anonymous
  • Me: -deep breathing- low, soft voice- “I’m in the drive thru lane. . . again”
  • FFA:-fast and concerned voice- Have you paid yet??
  •  Me: Um. . .uh. . .FFA: Yelling, “IT DOESN’T MATTER”!!
  •  Me: . . . hyperventilating
  •  FFA: Calm now and speaking slowly- Just turn your steering  wheel to the right  and slowly pull away from the establishment. . .
  • ME: Ok, ok, I’m pulling away. . .Thanks FFA, I owe you guys!
  • FFA: No, Mam, we’re just doing our job, have a great day .

6 thoughts on “Column-FFA ( Fast Food Anonymous)

  1. I love this! It’s so true… once you eat healthy for a while and go back for a treat it just makes you feel awful! The hard part is that all the salt and fat is what our body is attracted to. It’s so easy to get addicted!

  2. forthelifeofme,
    Thanks for the great comment. You’re right, I should get a patent! This could make me rich! lol

    IF we could just get OnStar to pick this up . . .

  3. Those fast food places are evil. I’m an addict as well and could sure use that hotline! If you’re ever looking for a side job, 99 cents a minute, to rescue the rest of us from the fast food lane, could be a great start!

    I hope those temptations stay at bay!

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