Time to get excited!

Over this last month and a half, I took two weeks to visit family back home in St. Louis and took a long look at what I am currently doing and what I want to be doing.

After a lot of thought and even more budgeting,  I’ve decided to start a new chapter. I will be making my passion to write and create my full time job. For over 5 long years I have talked about creating my own design studio to create military inspired items and I put it on hold for deployments, raising my children, health issues, etc. I’m grateful for my life and everything I’ve accomplished. I have no regrets. I really feel like this is the time to do this and that it was meant to take this long.

Good news, I am giving this blog a make-over! And I will be writing….a lot. I have spent the last month ordering everything I will need for a home office.

The packages are now arriving and it would feel like Christmas if I wasn’t trying to do 5 loads of laundry and clean my house at the same time….wait, I’m pretty sure that’s Christmas, too. Pfft.

Anyway, I know there is a bit of a lull in posting, but I promise what I am working on will make up for it. My last items should be arriving within two weeks. (I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will all be here by the end of this week!)

Then, it’s all about writing daily and designing! I would love to share more details, but I’m waiting on some copywriter/trademark things to happen. But, we are close…so, so close!

After everything is set up, I will be writing and start doing my public speaking engagements again. I should just clone myself…

So, keep the faith…there is a lot happening and I hope you will be happy with the outcome! I’ll try to keep you updated as things progress! Thank you for all the support!!!

Back to painting the office!

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