Christmas Surprises

Those of you who followed my Column know that the Husband and I like to surprise our kids. We even ‘kidnapped’ them from school once in the middle of the day, with bags packed in the trunk and told them we were having to drive three hours to Orland to pick up our new car. Really, we drove to a resort and spent a weekend at Disney.

This year we were able to do it again. We planned an entire secret, two-week vacation home to St. Louis without them knowing. We woke them early (changing their alarms on Christmas Eve) at 4:30am (they thought it was 6ish) and opened presents. The last present was a note from Dad and I that they had to open together. It read, “Get dressed, we leave in 30 mins to fly to St. Louis to see our family!!” The kids were shocked. Little did they know the pet sitting had been arranged, their bags were already packed, and their plane clothes were laid out. It was a magical moment. We got in the car and arrived at the airport on time and ready for the Christmas Day flight.

Pictured above are my kids having breakfast on the ferry to Seattle Christmas Morning

I’m at my parents house in St. Louis as I write, and I can’t tell you how short life is and how important it is to live and have FUN! This will be a memory my children share with their kids…and grandkids.

Have fun, be safe, & Happy New Year!

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