Veterans Day from a child’s eyes

My daughter’s Elementary School held a Veterans Day assembly yesterday. My Fourth grade little girl gave a speech in front of the school about her Dad and his Service. She wrote this with another little girl whose Dad is in the Army. Here is their speech:

Makayla:  Good Morning. My name is Makayla Hobson

Lisandra: My name is Lisandra Meza. We are fourth grade students in Mrs. Hernandez’s class.

Makayla: We are speaking to you today because our dad’s serve our country in the United States Military. My dad is in the Navy.

Lisandra: My dad is in the Army.

Makayla:  This day makes me feel happy because I am proud of my dad. I am thankful for my dad and other people are serving our country because they make me feel safe.  People like my Dad and veterans who served many years ago sacrificed a  lot to give us freedom and to keep us safe. Some people were hurt badly or even died fighting for us. I think they are heroes.

I think it is a very important job. It’s hard for me because my Dad has to leave a lot, but It’s important that he leaves because he is keeping us all safe. There is danger in the world and mean people who do bad things. My Dad stands watch, even when we are sleeping, he is out there in the world somewhere watching over us. I miss him so much.

He leaves on a Submarine for three to six months at a time. It’s a long time. Sometimes he misses Christmas, Birthdays and vacations. And there are days when we do really fun stuff and he can’t go. He really wanted to be here today to hear me speak, but he had to work. His job is very important and it makes him miss things that are even more important, like family. He’s says that he only does his job because he loves us so much.

Lisandra:  It is really hard for me when my dad leaves. He gets deployed a lot land is gone for a long time. He is getting ready to be deployed to Afghanistan again. This time he will be gone for the rest of the school year and for part of the summer. When my dad is gone I miss him so much. Every time he leaves I start to cry and cry.

Makayla: I’m happy that he is in the Navy. He keeps us all safe and we get to live in beautiful places. I was born in Charleston, SC and then moved near Jacksonville, FL. I got to go to the beach all the time, I’ve made lots of friends and if my Dad wasn’t in the Navy, I wouldn’t get to be here at Suquamish in Washington! I love it here and I’ve gotten to see mountains and really pretty places. Some people never get the chance to move, but I do. One day we could even live in another country and that’s exciting.

I’m proud that my Dad is in the Navy and that he is a great Dad. He is very funny and loving. He gives great hugs and makes me laugh a lot!  My heart hurts when he is gone because I love him so so so much, but he always comes home and that makes me very happy.

Lisandra: I am very proud of my dad. He serves our Country. He protects each and every one of us.

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