Happy, “Make Your Wife Think You Are Home Just For Her Day!”

My best friend lives in Japan (her husband is stationed there) and my biggest complaint isn’t that she lives thousands of miles away, it’s that there are time zones. We are 13-14 hours apart, depending on the time change. It sucks. Unless I wake up at O’Dark-thirty, it’s “tomorrow” when I call her. I still struggle with it. I wanted so badly to call her last night, but I thought to myself, “Oh crap, it’s Monday for her and she is at work.” I pouted for a bit and then the phone rang…it was my BFF Amy!? I was thrilled, but I asked if she only had a minute because I assumed she was calling from work. “No, I’m off today…it’s a Holiday,” she replied. Her husband (active duty) was off too. And that is when it hit me. My husband is such a little #$%^@

I interrupted  Amy in mid sentence and said, “Nick told me that he was taking Monday off just to spend the day with ME!? What a ……..!” Amy just laughed and thought it was hilarious. I walked into the living room where my husband was and said, “You told me you were taking off tomorrow to spend time with me…you failed to mention it was a HOLIDAY!” My husband had the biggest smirk, laughed and ran upstairs with the kids.

He had come home last week and said, “How would you like it if I just didn’t go into work on Monday and we spend the entire day together? I was thrilled. I asked through the week, “are you really taking Monday off?” “Yep,” he’d reply with a sweet smile and kiss.

I can’t believe that I fell for it.

Amy gives him credit for being “witty” and I accept the fact that I am gullible.

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