Me vs The Jiggles – Special K Challenge . . .more like punishment.

I know, I know, it’s not Monday. But, I started the “Special K Challenge” yesterday and now I see why they use the word “challenge”. They couldn’t think of a nicer word. It’s not a challenge at all, it is a punishment.

I have been bad and now I have to pay. I feel like going to a meeting, stand at a podium and say, “Hello, my name is Marie and even though I am more than capable of working out and eating right I chose to ignore my body and consume excessive amounts of food and wine.”

Did I mention how much I love food and wine?? There is nothing better than a large home cooked meal served with a glass of red wine. And of course you must have cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, olives, and bread with oil for appetizers…And chocolate mouse pie with whipped topping for dessert.  Mmmmm…..

But no….I’ve been terrible to myself and my body. I have given myself multiple chances to eat better and exercise. I could have avoided this drastic and harsh diet. (<–little over dramatic, but I’m having food withdraws). I could have easily continued to indulge within reason and had a healthy balanced life, but nooo I didn’t commit and now my pants are too tight. I refuse to buy more when I have a beautiful wardrobe calling my name.

Enough whining. I am on day two and pray I will make it to day three. I will do this for two weeks and hopefully lose enough weight that I feel motivated to continue on my own with exercise and slowly bring all my favorite foods back into my diet in reasonable amounts.

I have a ton of healthy snack choices and I am taking my vitamins daily. I weighed in yesterday at 169. Not stressing about going up two pounds because I’m quite puffy this time of the month. Not much I can do about that. Blah.

I’m tempted to offer wagers on how long people will think I’ll last. 😉

One thought on “Me vs The Jiggles – Special K Challenge . . .more like punishment.

  1. I agree…Special K challenge, Yoplait 2 week tune-up, SlimFast program….just different names for rounds of oppressive punishment =). I’ve tried and failed at all of them. It dosen’t help that most diet plans are designed for people who crave sweets. I don’t really have a sweet tooth and could go weeks without cake, cookies, etc. My problem is that I LOVE cheese and pasta…and my weekend just isn’t complete without a few beers. Where’s the diet for those of us who crave beer & cheese instead of cookies & candy? Ugh. Until one is invented, I guess I’ll just have to stick to the 17 day diet. It’s hard (no carbs except fruit! ack!), but so far it’s working. I’m down 4.5lbs in 4 days. Good luck with your “challenge”! =)

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