Ohhh, so that’s why houses come with generators here.

This last weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of experiencing my first wind storm here in Washington State. I lovingly refer to our house as “the tree house” because of our nestled woodsy site. I love this about our home. When I wake up, all I see from my huge bedroom windows are tree trunks and branches. It feels whimsical…like there should be little gnomes and fairies working and playing about. Our house also doesn’t need air conditioning because of the shade and cool breezes that travel through the huge majestic trees. It’s gorgeous. 

All of these sweet and positive thoughts were gone at 3am Saturday morning. I was jolted awake by the noise of what sounded like a train roaring past the house. My heart was pounding out of my chest. At first, all I could think about was a hurricane. After ten years on the Southeastern Coast, you learn not to mess with Mother Nature and you get in the bath tub as things fly through your yard and tornadoes touch down…But, this was different. There wasn’t a drop of rain…and most importantly, no warning!? I think I will now favor hurricanes because they are at least trackable.

I woke the husband to tell him it was storming. He of course looked at me like, “Why are you waking me to tell me it’s storming!?” I proceeded to ramble on about how a tree is going to fall on the house and the kids are not safe and the power just went off and … and… and… Nicholas slowly pulls me against his chest and start shushing me softly while running his fingers through my hair..sorta. He was still half asleep and pretty much spent a few minutes running his hand over my head and partly down my face, but I was too busy listening to the storm to care or stop him.

He then started snoring. “How the hell can he sleep through this!?” I thought to myself. Oh yeah, Navy training…he could probably sleep standing up in the middle of an intersection. Impressive. So, I do what any wife would and wake him again. This time he sits up a little and says, “What do you want me to do??” “I want you to make it stop.” He sighs and says, “seriously, what can I do..” At that moment our 13 yr old son whose bedroom is upstairs comes in saying branched are falling on the roof and it’s too noisy to sleep. I tell him in my calm Mom voice that everything is fine and he can sleep downstairs on the couch if he’d like. He is reassured and goes to sleep on the couch. As soon as he walks out of the room, I’m whisper screaming at Nick, “I can’t sleep when it sounds like a tree is going to fall on our house!!” He tells me everything is fine (in his patronizing I want to go back to sleep voice). I ask him to bring our daughter downstairs to sleep in the living-room too. He brings her down, I tuck them both in and return to bed. Nick passed out within 3 minutes and I sit wide-eyed looking out the window as the trees bend from side to side. I can hear trees falling and crashing and I decide that closing the windows would be smart so I don’t hear all of this. Of course, then I keep one partly open so I can hear a bit.

I fell asleep sometime after 5 am. We woke up around 9:30am to branches all over the yard and decks, but no major damage. We found some trees that fell in the woods, but nothing came close to the house. All I can say is that 1. I do not like windstorms at all and 2. people play-up the rain, but completely down-play the wind storms. Not a fan.

One thought on “Ohhh, so that’s why houses come with generators here.

  1. Wind and trees are a bad combination. My husband was tad in nc during Irene and that is what I was worried about the most. Oddly I didn’t know about windstorms in the woods. I live in the desert right now and we get there here. I’m glad you are all okay and there was no damage to your house. Do you know how fast the gusts were? So you can know what your trees can handle?

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