Me vs The Jiggles: Week 3

Wow, has it already been three weeks? Yesterday was my weigh in day. I did weigh in, but I have family from out-of-state visiting and haven’t had time to write about it.

I’m quickly realizing that there is always an excuse. My parents are here and The Husband just left for a school/trainer. So, what I really want to write is how busy I am and how tired I feel and that working out isn’t happening…that’s not good.

By writing every week I am seeing my own trends and having to own my excuses. I need to be doing things differently. Period. I’m exhausted after a long night of not sleeping. Like many others, I have trouble adjusting to an empty bed. It takes me a few nights to get used to sleeping alone and even though I’d love to use that as a reason not to do much today, I’m going to push through and hope that I sleep well tonight. I think a long walk with my Mom would be a good start.

I’m coming to the conclusion that a healthier life is not just going through the motions of working out. It’s about taking the time to see what isn’t working and what will work for me. I’m learning a lot about myself, my time, and what I want by tracking this. I’m even thinking about journaling again.

Well, it’s time to get the kids to school and visit with my parents who leave tomorrow.

Weighing in at: 166, nothing lost, nothing gained, no complaints.

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