Red Friday: September 16th 2011

So many civilians don’t understand that our Service Members deploy and are in harm’s way whether there is a war or not. When “our troops come home” from Iraq and Afghanistan, they will still deploy. My husband will still deploy. There is so much going on in the world that isn’t covered by the media, therefore it’s not *real*.

The reason I mention this is because I hope “Red Fridays” don’t stop the minute we claim a war is over. I hope that our Service Members will continue to feel supported.

Red Friday’s Tag line is, “Until they all come home.” The USO uses a similar tag line, “Until everyone comes home.” The USO has had their doors open continuously since the early 1940’s and I don’t ever see them closing them. I would love to see the Red Friday tradition follow in the USO’s footsteps.

And as a military wife, I will put my faith in man and in our government that they will call on our service members only for the good of our country and to aid those in need.





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