5 thoughts on “Deployment Tip #1043

  1. LOL…I asked my husband if I bought your shirt and wore it to an FRG meeting, would he disown me! He said no.

    I grew up as a Navy brat but even so every once in awhile something comes down the road that is a challenge and I have to ask for help. I think the hardest part for me about military spouses and civilians complaining is a lot of the time we have notice and should be able to plan accordingly. It’s those that don’t plan that complain the most and drive me nuts. I am a mom of 5 boys and my husband has had some pretty bad commands up until this shore duty. I have “rolled with” whatever I needed to. Unless it was emergent, the command didn’t hear from me.

    I swear the military ought to teach a class on just this to spouses. Show them what they need to do to prepare (some people just won’t sit down and read all the stuff you can get from your local base’s Fleet and Family Support center). I would have attended one way back. If they put some humor and reality into it, it probably would be a hit.

    BTW…the Ellen episode was a few weeks ago and I think it was a rerun. My MIL, who I generally do not get along with, actually said to me, What is she complaining about? You have it worse than her! Shocked me for sure!

  2. No, I’ve been working on my designs all morning and missed Ellen (I love her and need to watch the new season!!)

    Being prepared is definitely a good thing. With that said, I completely see how people would not know what they are getting into. It’s such a crazy life. I thought I knew….but quickly realized there isn’t a book or class to set you up for this life. You just have to do your best and not be afraid to admit if it isn’t for you. I see so many spouses that can’t handle the stress and have anxiety and issues with depression. Nothing is worth making yourself ill over and that is reason enough to choose a different career. On a lighter note, I know some spouses that just like to complain…military spouse and civilian. They brought on this deployment tip! 😉

  3. I had to laugh and then wonder what brought the comment on. You weren’t watching the “poor me” military wife on Ellen were you?

    We just recently found out my husband is going back to a boat 2 months earlier than planned. It was almost going to be yesterday, which would have been 3 months, but a medical issue came up that couldn’t be swept under the rug for deployments sake. Needless to say, I have had a lot to say about it but only because the Navy was doing some devious things behind my husband’s back to get him deployed without condiseration for his family. It’s times like that and issues like that where you just want to scream “this sucks” (although I think I posted that on FB).

    But seriously, we all know what the job entails and if you have enough notice, you should be prepared. It’s not to say that it’s not going to be hard but be thankful your spouse is employed.

  4. Funny you should mention that. I did a T-shirt few weeks ago with this on it. This will be on the T-shirts I am currently working on, too. I’m just working on a better logo. For now, you can get one at http://www.cafepress.com/theycallmedependent. I will be meeting with local print shops here so that I can control the quality and hopefully sell them much cheaper. I am not making any profit what-so-ever on this one from cafe press. I just ordered one for myself and paid $31 with shipping. I’d like to get them under $25 with shipping. *fingers crossed* I find a great local print shop and flat rate boxes are life savers! 😉

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