Another reason I don’t get enough sleep

Oatmeal bath for Max


This is Maxim, my 4 1/2 pound, 7-year-old Yorkie in a cooler.

Last night I noticed he was itching and my first thought was, “Oh crap, fleas!” Luckily, no fleas were found, but he had some major irritation. I’m not sure if it is an allergic reaction, if he got into something outside, or if he just had some soap left on him after his last bath. So, the husband and I gave him a bath, then let him sit in a luke warm oatmeal bath for 15-20 mins…in a cooler of course. It was the husbands idea and pretty genius. The cooler kept the water warm and Maxim in place. I used a measuring cup to repeatedly pour water over his back while trying to keep the trauma to a minimum. I can’t say that he enjoyed it, but it did seem to help. We will give him some Benadryl today and hope it clears up fast! Poor little guy.

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