Me vs. The Jiggles WEEK 2

Well, this isn’t fun yet. Maybe I should have given myself until the kids were in school at least one full week before trying to start my own schedule. What was I thinking trying to put myself first? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really haven’t been working out like I had planned to yet. If I start this week, I’ll be impressed.

I am watching more of what I eat and I have kept moving. This last week I have moved furniture around in the house and as usual, gardening. My “gardening” consist of mowing, trimming, landscaping and weeding. A friend asked me why *I* do it and not my husband or a service. ย I do all of my yard work because it is a wonderful workout and I enjoy the finished product. Besides, it’s my yard and I am capable, so why pay someone? The husband helps when he is home, but let’s be realistic, If I can fit it in as a stay at home Mom, I don’t mind doing it at all. I’d rather his time at home be spent with us having fun. Shore Duty will be over next year and I can hear the clock ticking. *sigh*

My goal this week is to keep moving like last week and add in some light weights, crunches and push ups each night. (starting tonight)

I guess we will see what happens.

Weighing in at 166!! 1LB lost!!

I’m hoping for 2LBS next week! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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