Me vs The Jiggles WEEK 1

Well, I decided that writing every day about dieting and exercise wasn’t fun at all. Instead, I weigh in on Mondays and thought a weekly recap and progress report would be much easier and less painful. I’m off to a good start with family walks and lots of gardening. I know it is a very slow start, but it is a start. This was also our last week of summer. With school starting this Wednesday, my world will change. There will be order a schedule. This makes my OCD heart so happy. It’s the only good I can find with the kids returning to school. I love having them home and I’m not looking forward to seeing them get on their busses. 

So, this next week will be chaotic with school, soccer and ballet, but that’s ok. I secretly live for these moments. *Busy* is what I do best. Maybe it is just my personality, but it probably has something to do with Nick spending so much of our marriage deployed. Either way, this means I will be making time for myself and working out. Family walks and gardening will be in addition to jogging and light weights. I’d love to work in some yoga as well.

Drum roll please. . . . .

Weighing in: 167

1lb lost  (picture confetti and streamers)

I’m thinking I could have lost more, but I had many meals with friends that are worth every calorie. No regrets, just means I need to work harder if I want to continue eating yummy cheese and drinking delicious wine!

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