Me vs. Myself (& THE JIGGLES) DAY 1

I don’t know why I’m fighting the jiggles when really it’s “me” I have the battle with. I have so much trouble sticking with diet and exercise. I’m great with committing and following through until I reach a goal, then I just don’t continue to keep it up. It’s like the day I put on my one size smaller jeans my brain says, “Yes, we HAVE ARRIVED! Let the party begin!” It’s quite pathetic.

I’ve gained thirteen pounds since I’ve moved to WA in December. Maybe it’s because I am no longer in a bikini 8 months out of the year? Maybe it’s because of the amazing layers and NorthFace’s continuous ever-changing apparel line? Out of sight, out of mind? Maybe it’s the Navy’s fault? Sorry, I had to through that in. Shore duty is incredible, but man are we relaxed. You know what that has entailed? Naps, eating huge family means and lots of treats. I should have bought stock in Dairy Queen.

I know, life sounds awful for me. I know it’s good now and I am loving every minute. BUT, I refuse to go out and buy new pants when I have a beautiful closet full of them . So, today I watched what I ate and went for a hike/walk with the family. I have to get moving and stick with this. We are also so active here. I don’t want to even try to imagine what I would weigh if I wasn’t.

I’m hoping the husband, Mr. CFL at work. That stands for Command Fitness Lunatic….or Leader, whatever, will help me stay focused. He is Mr. fitness and it’s rather annoying. There is something wrong with people who get up early to do push ups in the dark before showering. It’s just not right. Secretly, I despise his athletic ability and his need for carbs. *Sigh*

Today was a great start to the week. Tomorrow will be hard to stop everything else I am doing or should be doing to focus on myself, but I will. Maybe some new music will pep me up and keep me moving. I’m also going to create a calendar and put it up where it is in my face every single day.

Weighed in today at 168 lbs. . . .oh my.

4 thoughts on “Me vs. Myself (& THE JIGGLES) DAY 1

  1. We moved to Hawaii and in 3 months I gained like 15 pounds! Then the hubby went on deployment…gone for six months! That was good for me because it meant no eating out and lots of working out to pass the time. It was good for me….I lost almost 30lbs and I was in the smallest size I’d ever been in! This was the first time I’d seen a single digit size. He got back a couple of weeks ago and my crazy workout schedule has dwindled down and we have gone out to eat a few times. I’m kind of scared to step on a scale (but My clothes still fit), but tomorrow, I will start my crazy working out again. Good luck!

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