New Red Friday Tradition

Every week I read the Navy Times and in the very back, they post a picture and brief bio of our recent fallen. I look at their faces and read through each name as if I am introducing myself and getting to know them. I’ve done this for years. Why? Because they gave their life for our country.

Whether you believe in an individual war or not, they volunteered to serve with the intentions to protect. Now, they are gone. Most of our lives go on unscathed. But, there are families who are forever changed. So, I read their names and I pray for them and their families. Every week it brings tears to my eyes. I know what it feels like to have an empty chair at our table, to attend Father’s Day celebrations at our children’s schools as a “stand in”, to hold a crying child at night, and to have nightmares. I can’t even fathom what it must be like for those of the fallen. My heart is heavy for them. 

I’ve decided that every Friday I will be posting something in honor of our Service Members and their Families. This may be a long heartfelt post, or it may be just an image.  Either way, I will be doing this for not just our fallen, but for those who have served and for my military family.

This is for my girlfriends who have given birth alone, for our service members who have missed the chance to say goodbye to an ill family member, and for my husband who has spent 10 out of 12 months away from his family he loves. There are so many, many things we take for granted. This may be known as “Perspective Fridays”.

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