Ahhh…Deployment *Perks*

Today my Husband came into the house saying, “Marie Angela!” My first instinct was to hide. But, before I could dive behind the couch he was in the room looking at me the same way my parents did when they used both my first and middle name. “Yes Dear?” I reply lovingly with a tad of sarcasm. “Where is my hammer?” He demands. I have a history of using his tools and not putting them back.  A rush of thoughts flood my brain….I remember using it to stake the volleyball net down outside…I used it to put up those pictures in the hall upstairs…I used it to put up the curtains…and I’m pretty sure I let the kids use it in the woods to build the little gnome/fairy hou…oh crap. “I have no idea husband,” I reply as I try not to make eye contact. He asks me again. It’s like he can see my thoughts and wants to know where in the woods the kids were playing. I tell him I really don’t know, which is the TRUTH! I am not sure of the *exact* 12×12 inch area the kids were sitting. He just gives me, *the look* and walks back out to the garage. No need to throw the kids under the bus for this one. I probably should have had them give me a major credit card while they checked out/borrowed the hammer. My bad.

So, deployment perk # 004: I can’t get in trouble for missing tools if The Husband is Deployed.

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