I’m so happy I *Settled* for an incredible Husband

July 25th-Aug 2nd was spent entertaining company. I had not one ounce of energy to write, let alone anything else. My in-laws along with my sister in law came to visit the great Pacific North West from the hot and humid state of Misery…errr Missouri. Sorry, I get that one mixed up all the time. I have great in-laws. I am VERY lucky. The are loving and supportive, but that doesn’t mean they are “normal.” I’m sure you are thinking, “but whose family is!?” I so badly want to write a book about my husbands family, but know it may step on some toes. So, I’m just going to keep notes and change some names for a later release.

My Mother-in-law is a gold mine for one liners and poorly thought out comments. She is a fun and kind woman who entertains me to no end with her thoughts. Half way through their visit I greatly regretted not carrying a note pad and pen with me. The most famous quote of the trip was said by my MIL to my SIL about her still being single at 29! GASP!!! I know, she is such an old spinster! It went something like this….”You’re expectations are too high, why can’t you just settle like Marie did!” Oh yes, she said it. Now, she didn’t realize that it came out that way and we all burst into laughter except for my husband who stood in shock and horror. So, the rest of the trip I made sure to let my husband know how grateful I was that I settled. He would fix dinner and I would reply in front of everyone, “Thank goodness I settled and got a man who can cook!” Or when he would open my car door, “Thank goodness I settled for such a romantic man!” It became a running joke between the husband and I. There were tons of other one liners and moments of pure comedic genius. I laughed the entire trip. I’m so grateful for my extended family, even though our recycling quadrupled from all the beverages needed to survive. 😉

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