Where are my underwear!?!?

Monday June 28th 2011

We arrived home from camping yesterday and I spent several hours on the phone this morning chatting with family and friends about our adventures while catching up on laundry and unpacking. As I unpacked my bag, I realized I’m missing at least five pairs of underwear. I shrug it off thinking I must have put them in the husbands bag by accident. I go to his bag…nothing. I then look through the kids bags. Nope. So, then I figure I’m just over looking them. They aren’t that big and could easily get stuck in-between other items. I’ve looked for things before and couldn’t find them only for them to be exactly where I’ve already checked. 

After picking up every piece of clothing and shaking it out, my underwear are missing. I have a thing about bringing extra underwear and socks wherever I go. Who wants to ever be without clean underwear? Not me. I had at least 8 pairs. So, all the clean ones still in my bag are gone. I don’t see how they could have been “dropped” or misplaced. I’ve searched everything. I don’t want to think there was a “brief thief” at our campgrounds because that would cause me to freak out, take multiple showers and never ever camp again. So, the question is, WHERE ARE MY UNDERWEAR!?

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