The Camping Chronicles, Book One: Fight or Flight

Saturday June 25, 2011

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I woke up multiple times cold. I see now the importance of sleeping bags. At 4am I had to go to the bathroom and like any sane woman who is sleeping in the woods, I woke the husband to take me. The bathroom is three campsites away and down a wooded path. That makes sense. As we put on coats and shoes I thought to myself, “This is stupid.” We quietly made our way to the bathroom and back. I was too cold to take off my coat, added a layer of socks and tried to go back to sleep. 6am came too soon. We had to be up for an early game. And my health nazi husband insisted on a quality breakfast for our son. So, at 6am under all the covers you can hear my alarm going off…I hit the snooze at least three times. The husband who could sleep through a nuclear attack was dead to the world. I at first lovingly nudged him and suggested we hurry because cooking on a small frying pan for all of us meant many rounds of cooking. He made some sort of noise agreeing, but never even opened an eye. I quietly tried to wake him, but got no where. So, I wanted to make sure we had breakfast and reluctantly got up. I had a 5 foot long table in the mansion tent with over a six-foot clearance in the middle room. I had my camping stove and my cooler full of food. As I stated cooking I realized I was just as tired and sore as the husband and he should be helping, not sleeping. So, as quietly as I could, I told him to get his a** out of bed or I was taking ice out of the cooler to help motivate. Apparently he takes my threats seriously and jumped at the opportunity to help.

We spent the day on the soccer fields only taking a break for lunch. Everything was great, the weather was perfect for soccer and the views of Mt. Baker were beautiful. It ended up being a fun, but exhausting day. We returned to the campsite to cook burgers and hang out. We went to the beach, roasted marshmallows and even though I was exhausted, camping was looking great if we weren’t trying to work around a tournament schedule. The night ended with friends, stories, and long walks. I just might be a camper.

2 thoughts on “The Camping Chronicles, Book One: Fight or Flight

  1. i’ve had you in my google reader forEVER and just discovered that you must live very close to me. mt baker??? waterfront town in washington? you need to email me and we can disclose our locations :]

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