The Camping Chronicles: Nightmares and stove tops

My husband enjoyed reading “How to Survive a Bear Attack” to me yesterday. Last night I woke up panicked and sweating at 3:58am from a nightmare. I bet you can guess an animal that was in it. In my dream, I was walking around a cabin because Kay was calling to me. As I circled around there was a black bear sitting watching her and as I moved forward to grab her, the bear jumped between us and I woke up as the bear grabbed her and she yelled. At that very moment I woke my husband and said, “We aren’t camping…I had a dream a bear got Kay and now we are not camping.” Answering in his “there there” husband voice he replied, “Ok sweetheart, we won’t camp.” And then he rolled over. I said, “I’m serious…we are never camping.” And again in his sweet and almost parent to child like voice he said, “Of course we’re not…we are never camping. I love you.” He then was asleep and I snuggled back under the covers. I was calming down and took a deep breath. I knew I was still camping and so did The Husband. I hate that. 

Today The Husband comes home after work rambling on about camping grills. After buying a simple and very inexpensive cook top, sometime today between his office and working on Submarines he decided that the one that we have may not be able to boil water for pasta! GASP! (This is a must for pre-soccer tournament dinners for the boys…supposedly) I just nod and look interested as he talks about the *need* of a better cook top. So, off to return the old and look at new possibilities.  As I stood in line at the Walmart Customer Service counter behind 8 other people (5 of which could have been on I realized that I am too nice. Why in the world was *I* in the return line for *his* inadequate cook top at my least favorite store!? I’m still not sure, but I did buy my first ever “Boxed Wine” for the camping trip. I’m pretty excited about it. If things get really ugly, I may bring a bottle of Patron. Now I am going to sit back and watch the camping gear bill go $$up$$ as The Husband finds the perfect cook top.  I’m thinking I will also watch a movie with a very hot leading man so that tonight’s dream includes something better than bears eating my children. . .

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