The Camping Chronicles, BOOK ONE: “The Pre-Camping Work-Up”

We have spent over $500 in two days buying “gear”. Our first trip is next weekend and only three days and two nights. Do you know what $500 gets you for two nights in a hotel?? That’s room service and down blankets and most likely a small spa package if you are savvy.  I just hope that we all love camping and we go at least a dozen more times to justify the list of purchases (that are still growing) and the space it will be taking up in our garage. 

With all the gear taken care of, I am having to find a sitter for our three dogs. We can’t board them because our Lab has “issues”. Not diagnosed issues, but she is needy and has to have people. She would fall apart if she was ever kept in a cage at a kennel. So, I am using to find someone who would be willing to keep my Lab and Cocker Spaniel at their house during our weekend adventures.  Our neighbor will be keeping our four pound Yorkie, Maxim. Everyone wants him. 😉

Sitter City is awesome sitter referral site and is FREE for military to use. Just go to the site and look to the bottom of the page. There will be a link for “military families”. They have babysitters, pet sitters and even elderly care. They list background checks and references are viewable. We had people responding within hours of posting our “job listing”.  This is a great site!

Last, but not least, this trip is not just about camping. The whole reason we are going is for a soccer tournament with our son’s traveling team. This means uniforms have to be washed and healthy food has to be prepared….while camping. There are two age groups traveling together to these tournaments. We have a U16 and a U15 team (Boys under 15 &16). My husband coaches the U16 and my son plays on the U15 team. This means that I am surrounded by about 30 smelly teenage boys. There will be four games a day between the two teams. That is a lot of stink. A few of the boys will be without their parents and I’m sure we will be cooking for a few extra boys and having them in our tent. So, I am bringing extra soap and deodorant….just in case they forget anything.

It’s going to be a crazy first camping experience, but I’m sure we will have a lot of fun. If not, there will be a full set of camping gear on craigslist for purchase.

We have also decided to let our Son video tape the set up of camp by The Husband and I. If there isn’t a lot of colorful words, it may get shared on the blog. Or, we may post it without sound. I’ve thought of keeping a video diary too. If it doesn’t come out looking like the Blair Witch Project…it will be great memories to have. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Camping Chronicles, BOOK ONE: “The Pre-Camping Work-Up”

  1. If anyone is ever in the Groton/New London area I would highly recommend ABC Petsitters, LLC in Gales Ferry, CT (860) 861-1986. Kathy took excellent care of our dog for 10 days when we went to Disney.

  2. I was told about Sitter City by another milspouse when I moved to WA 5 months ago. It is awesome. I will definitely be writing about my experiences. My macbook will be making the journey with me. 😉 And I will be very honest about my likes and dislikes. 😉

  3. “That is a lot of stink!” LOL!

    I had NO IDEA about Sitter City. Will definitely have to bookmark their website. Good luck with camping. Have yet to go with our kids but my idea of going camping is staying at a hotel with a number in it’s name. That will be my husband’s department and I will not be going with them. I always say, “Send me a postcard!” 🙂

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