Summer time and the livin is easy. . .

School was out yesterday and I’m ecstatic.  I live for the summers when the kids are home and we spend our days together.  The last few years were spent on the Southeastern Coastal Beach.  We would load up our food/supplies for the day and head out to the water. It was fun, but it was all that we could do outside because of the heat. Now, we are in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and our list of things to do are endless. The weather is averaging between 65-75 degrees. When the tide is out, the shallow water is warm and inviting. The kids are getting to swim and I don’t have to worry about heat stroke! (bonus) I also don’t have to worry about sharks, (double bonus).  Oh, and The Husband is HOME…. ( best bonus ever).

We have three camping trips scheduled so far and lots of hikes and day trips. We love Seattle and all it has to offer. The art museum and zoo are on the list. There are so many sculpture parks and tours to take too. It will take us a few summers to see it all.  And I can’t even list all the parks to explore and camp at.

Our next trip is to Birch Bay State Park. The husband and I went to Costco last night and bought our first tent. It’s 16×10 ft. and it takes at least 20 mins to set up. As The Husband and I stood staring at the huge three room tent and then at each other, we were both thinking the same thing. Would we be able to put this up……together….then sleep in it….together??? I’ve decided to give our 12 yr old Zach a video camera to record this *moment*. If there isn’t any profanity, it may end up on this blog.

Tonight we went to Walmart and spent a looong time picking out more “gear”. We now have a camping grill, lanterns, cooking set, chairs, a table and air beds. Yes I know, it’s not really camping with air beds, grills and seating, BUT it’s fun! 😀 It’s like we have a little house we take out into the woods. I look forward to sharing the stories, pictures and videos that may have to be played on mute. 🙂

Tonight I sat on my front porch looking out at the garden and woods, listening to kids playing and enjoying a glass of wine. It’s a beautiful evening and an even more beautiful summer.  I am going to take in every moment.

What are your summer plans? Are there big trips? Staycations? Last year I drove 1000 miles one way to see my family with two kids and three dogs….by myself. I know that is an experience most Mom’s don’t get to do alone, but after it was said and done, I was grateful. Crazy and tired, but grateful. Sometimes we look at the things we do during a deployment as torture. I like to look at it as accomplishments. The memories of that trip will stay with me and have given me the confidence to try anything once.

If your spouse is deployed, remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t let the fear of doing it alone keep you from the memories and moments you will create.  It’s what you make of it.


2 thoughts on “Summer time and the livin is easy. . .

  1. If you get a chance explore the lava tubes at Mt. St.Helen’s. Lots of fun and very great for kids to learn about. I spent many a weekends visiting the Mt and have camped there too.

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