4:45AM National Anthem. . .Happy Monday!

The National Anthem is a symbol of freedom and patriotism.  You hear it at sporting events, memorials, special occasions and I heard it this morning at 4:45AM blaring from my husband’s iPhone. Why? Because he is evil. Ok, not *evil*…he is just starting his day off with a smile by making my eyes pop open and heart race. He could get up quietly, but I guess he was feeling a little mischievous this morning. Just hilarious. <–Sarcasm.

We have been together 12 years ( That’s like 50 in military years) and still we keep each other entertained.  How are we still married and happy?  We laugh.  A lot.   And when the National Anthem wakes me hours before my alarm goes off, I don’t throw my pillow at him.   I roll over close my eyes, and fall back asleep smiling.  How you ask?  You have to. Just like how my husband can laugh at the fact that I bedazzled his collar device and nametags on his inspection coveralls knowing he puts them on in a dark bunkroom and wouldn’t notice it until someone pointed it out. 😀  What? Who doesn’t want to *sparkle*?  Life is what you make of it, Happiness is a choice, and laughing is required. Have a great Monday!!

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