Still trying to find what works

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m very detail oriented.  So, don’t be alarmed when you check in after this weekend and everything looks different. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me and how I want everything to look for you.

This means there is going to be changes and a lot of mumbled “descriptive” words while I mold this Blog into an extension of myself. This personality trait of mine is a blessing and a curse. I love organizing, but I’m always improving on it. I have trouble leaving things alone. I LOVE moving furniture around and re-decorating. I love change. (It’s like I was destined for military life) This has led to more than just one stubbed toe or bruised shin for my husband. I guess I should leave notes on the front door when he is about to walk into a dark house that’s been “re-arranged”. Oops. 

I can’t help it. I love “projects” and I love being busy. Today, I am going to work in my garden, clean the house, finish sanding an antique end table I found and then answer emails.  Gotta get moving, only a few more hours until the kids are home, then it’s time to have some fun and head to the Beach!

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