Friday Family Fun Night

Do you have rituals or traditions when it comes to your routine? We have tons when it comes to Holidays and events, but our biggest and “bestest” would be our Friday Family Fun Nights (FFFN).  Every Friday when the kids get home from school, the backpacks are put up, clothes are changed into something comfortable and easy, and all work is set aside. This actually started during a deployment. I was trying to find little things for the kids to look forward to while Dad was away.  These nights became once a week parties for us in our countdown to homecoming. 🙂

It started with special dinners. I enjoy cooking and eating healthy and the kids are great about trying new and interesting foods, but lets face it, they are kids and what is more special than pizza, chicken nuggets, or anything else you can eat with your fingers?? Oh, and lets not forget things that come on a stick!  So, I would let them pick from a choice of two or three things and then I would get things for ice cream sundaes or root beer floats! YUM! 

It became not only a night of treats, but a night of time together. We eat at the dinner table every night, but this night is different. We put on PJ’s, sit in the family room and watch a movie or show. This is more than a big deal to my kids. Food is never allowed anywhere but the kitchen, so every Friday feels like a sleep over.

Now our tradition has gone on for years and it’s evolved into game night, movie night, make your own pizza night, etc. The kids being 12 an 9 still look forward to it.  And so do the Husband and I. Tonight we are having, “Dad’s Famous Cheeseburgers.” The name speaks for itself. The Husband is quite the cook and these burgers are no ordinary burger. We will turn the music up as we cook and I guarantee there will be dancing. We are going to watch “Wipe Out”, eat in our PJ’s and possibly take a night walk on the beach with flashlights.  If there is one thing I would love to see our children continue, it’s the tradition of Friday Family Fun Night.  🙂

Do you have a scheduled night that is all about family?

4 thoughts on “Friday Family Fun Night

  1. We have pizza movie picnic night every Friday. It started during a deployment when I just needed to cut myself some slack and it’s still going strong. We put a blanket on the living room floor, eat our pizza in Pjs and watch silly movies. In the summer we have a projector and we move it outside.

  2. Great idea, and one I’ll put into practice when the kids are a bit bigger. For now, the hubby and I could benefit from something like that, but I think we’ll wait until after this stupid PCS is in the rear-view mirror! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. LOVED this post! I’m very new to your blog, but I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

    My son and I had Friday night ‘date nights’ while my husband was deployed. We would get take out and watch a movie of his choice. Once my husband got home, we stopped for a while. Then we realized a need for a family night, so we have a ‘Family Fun Night’ too (also usually on Friday nights). We rotate who gets to choose the food and activity. Usually we have a fun pasta and either a movie or board games – we are BIG on board games. I agree that it is a great time for us to set aside for our family.

  4. We used to have something similar when I was growing up; it was something my mom and aunt implemented after my mom’s divorce. We’d get junk food from the store and watch Law & Order Marathons every single Friday night. It was one of the best ways to “heal” after such a stressful time in our lives. Being an adult now, I can say that your kids with definitely appreciate as they grow up!

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