Deployment Entertainment *bumping* this post from 2008

Who said you can’t have fun with a Deployment!? Not I. Don’t get me wrong, Deployments Suck. Sorry, but there isn’t any other word to use. But, back to my story. The husband and I like to tease with each other. He has come home and made up stories of orders, duty days, and shifts, only to tell me at the last-minute that he is just messing with me. This may seem cute to some, but he is lucky that I haven’t thrown something at him. I’m a pretty good sport and laugh it off. I laugh, b/c I know that I will get my revenge! lol ; )

My husband deployed a few weeks ago and I have waited for a very special email from him. It is the email that tells me that I am awesome. Here is the email,

“”So, I put on my inspection ready coveralls yesterday (while in a dark bunkroom) and then went and stood in line for chow. I receive a comment from someone, “—that’s a pretty nice poopy suit you got on, did you bedazzle it?” And I thought he was just joking b/c the poopy suit is pretty new. Then I noticed the bedazzling. Uh huh. Well, it at least made me think of you. “”

Yep, you read right, bedazzled. Don’t worry, they come right off. I went and bought some very pretty sticky jewels and outlined his collar devices, his dolphins, and his dive patch. I secretly pulled out his inspection poopy suit after he had packed it and put the jewels on. I then put it back in his sea bag and waited for this very moment. It was worth it. I’m sure he looked like a rock star. lol

I wish there were pictures. . .

5 thoughts on “Deployment Entertainment *bumping* this post from 2008

  1. That is too funny. My Sergeant Smith would NOT see the humor, but the temptation… oh, the temptation!

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