Me vs THE JIGGLE Day 3

Today I am feeling the burn.  I didn’t run this morning because it is my volunteer day on base.  I volunteer every Wednesday, so I will probably make that my routine “break day” from running until I get stronger. My goal is to be able to run every morning AND to a light weight or yoga strengthening workout Monday-Friday.  I will be doing abs and arms when I get home.  My goal tonight is 100 crunches and a few sets of arm exercises with 5-10lb weights.  I don’t want bulk.  I want to be *long and lean* which is very appropriate for being 5’10.  It just sounds nice to say, “long and lean”.  I don’t want to be “thin” or “skinny”.  I want to be healthy and active.  I want strength.  If that keeps me at a size 8, I’m good with that.  If it dropped me back to a size 6, well at least I could wear the clothes in my closet.

*DISCLAIMER* I have not alway been a size 8.  After three knee surgeries and a near death experience with pneumonia, I gained almost 50 lbs.  I know that isn’t a huge amount for a lot of people, but for me it was heartbreaking.  I couldn’t move the way that I wanted to with my children, I wasn’t feeling good and I just didn’t feel like myself.  I also was diagnosed with asthma.  I’m now about 20-28lbs away from my earlier healthy weight. Oh what the heck, I can give numbers. Maybe it will help others feel motivated and join me.

I am tall, but I’ve always been athletic.  That’s kept me between 138-145 lbs naturally.  Even after two kids, I was always doing something that kept me moving.  I was healthy.  I went up to 188 lbs and at one point hit 192 lbs.  I have been on  a  weight roller coaster though.  In the last few years, I weighed below 180 lbs and then in the last year got down to 155 lbs.  But after that feeling of accomplishment and only 10 lbs away from my goal, we PCS’d.

Yep, I could easily blame “the Navy” for my acts of pure stupidity, but I won’t.  This is on me.  I was back up to 175 lbs. I have made a conscious effort in the last month and I weighed in this morning at 167.4 lbs.  This made me giddy.  I’m keeping track of the numbers to track my progress, but I don’t have a “set” number that I am trying to get to.  I just want energy and to be able to keep up with my very athletic husband and incredibly entertaining kids.   And of course, I want to win against “The Jiggle”.

11 thoughts on “Me vs THE JIGGLE Day 3

  1. Thanks Elizabeth! We were in Charleston, SC for a couple years. It’s beautiful there. Sadly the humidity was something that never agreed with my ideas of running outside. We were there in 01-02, so I’m sure things have changed. I love that you have a group of girls to go to the YMCA with. Accountability is such a big part of working out for me. It really helps. The heart rate monitor is truly a life saver. No pun intended. 😉 My resting heart rate isn’t too high, but I am out of shape which puts me into the same problem even when going up a flight of stairs. Thanks for the advice on staggering the work outs. It is hard. I’m not running on Wed, Sat, or Sunday, so I will take your advice and tell myself if I can’t do one of my normal days, I can make it up on an off day. I have used Spark People as well. I loved it, but I have a lot of pages, blogs, FB, and writing to keep up with. I find that I forget about it! Now if I could hire an assistant. . . . 😉 I’ll be cheering you and your YMCA girls in SC on!! I love that you guys are fighting the jiggles. I think I need to make some T-shirts!

  2. Marie, I understand exactly how you feel. I’m also tall (5’8″) and hear from my friends who are shorter and invariably rounder that I’m skinny. Nope, I’m not. My BMI is 24.1, thank you very much. And the heart rate thing? Yep, got that, too. A group of Navy wives down here at Naval Weapons Station Charleston all joined our local YMCA to fight our own jiggles. There is a monthly fee, but we get free childcare for 2 hours everyday which the gym on base does not offer.

    Yesterday, I dragged me and the kids to the YMCA at 8 AM. My oldest participated in their Kid’s Fit. It was wonderful to see my video-game-loving-outside-avoiding preteen dripping with sweat and huge smile on his face. I think we will start going on Tuesday afternoons, too. I have to sloooowly, and I mean almost slow enough that the elliptical machine yells at me to pick up the pace, move my legs back and forth on ramp 1 resistance 1 to keep my heart rate in the cardio zone. I have a very high resting heart rate, and just going up my stairs spikes it to the 180s (I know because I’ve started wearing a heart rate monitor on my wrist). Good news: housework counts as cardio for me. Bad new: if I don’t change something, I’ll be that 35-year-old Mom who suddenly drops dead of a heart attack and leaves a teenager and little one in elementary school behind.

    Keep up the exercise. You might consider working UP to everyday, because just starting out little setbacks can really derail us. I go to the YMCA three times a week. We try for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but if something happens, I can easily make it up Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday. You also might like Sparkpeople. It’s a free social health site.

  3. Hi Krysa! Nice to meet you and thanks for the compliment! I’m so glad you found my blog. My husband has been here over a year, our children and I moved here in December. We live in Indianola. : ) It’s so hard finding the time and energy for ourselves. You know this working out at night! Wow. Now that is commitment! I am 5’10 and yep, running outside now. I don’t do well on treadmills. I lack the grace. Me in motion, on a machine….it just isn’t pretty. I trip when walking! I’m always in awe of those people on treadmills running at full speed. I wish I had the coordination. I need roads….wide roads that allow me to bob and weave. 😉 Plus, I have to have change. There is something about how my mind works (it’s all over the place) I can’t run in place or in circles around a track. I feel like a hamster on a wheel.

    Please keep reading and I’ll keep posting! Love meeting you too! I’m just getting started up again writing, so please feel free to share my blog and FB page! : )

  4. Marie I love your stuff! I just stumbled upon it today. My husband and I moved to Silverdale a year ago in Feb. I also have just taken up working out! Its nice to see others going through the same. It is definitely motivation. I, however, need to lose about 60-70lbs to be at my “proper range” for my height. How tall are you?? I’m 5’7″. I’ve been working out for a few weeks now and I am feeling amazing! I’ve only lost 2lbs but I’m going to try intervals for 2 weeks and see what sort of results I get. I hear that’s better! Do you just run outside? I go to anytime fitness. I usually end up working out between 11pm and 2am?!!? Lol also, I loved and shared the “dependent” article. It almost made me cry. I have many more non-military friends than I have military friends.

  5. Katrina~So what you are saying is there might be some truth to blaming “The Navy”?? lol Maybe we should call it the “PCS 20” like people refer to the “college 15”. Oy Vey. We HAVE to take care of our bodies. The stress that we go through can’t be good for us or our hearts. I feel like this last move took a few years off my life. I need to get that back! I love your commitment to the videos. This impresses me because I have so many awesome ones, but can’t motivate myself to do them. I have to make myself run or go to a gym. IF I stay in the house, I’ll clean or end up writing. I guess that’s not a bad thing, but I’d be a very plump writer. : ) I’m going to be heading out for my run in about 20 mins when I take Kay to the bus stop. I’m actually looking forward to it this morning! Go Figure!

  6. Maurine-I’m impressed. I remember what it takes to get a two year old to do what you want to do! lol I love your commitment. I share your goal and can’t wait to just “feel good”. I want to walk in my closet and put anything on and walk out the door feeling great. Right now, I’m still in the *bad place* where you walk in your closet, deeply sigh, and look for that “got to outfit” that you wear too much because you know it fits and looks ok. I can’t stand that. I also dislike trying on multiple tops just to find one that looks ok and isn’t too snug. With my weight, I’ve always been “busty” which some may enjoy, but I really wouldn’t mind being smaller there too. 😉 Keep going! I’m cheering for you!!!

  7. So friend….first you told me I inspired to you get going….now you are inspiring me! :o) I was the same way…got within 10 pounds of my goal weight….then we PCS’d. Now…back to 30 pounds over my goal weight again. I can’t do the running like you as there is no way our little guy will sit in a stroller for that long again. He would rather run with me, but has 2 yr old baby ADD. LOL And we don’t have a treadmill….so I am sticking to workout videos…but I’m right there with ya. :o) And I’m so jealous of your running views….I miss seeing the Sound so much!

  8. Well, I made it today. My run/walk/fight with a 2 year old not wanting to sit in the jogger wasn’t pretty, but I feel good now that its over. At 5’4″ I probably don’t wear weight quite like you do, but I hope to get to a place where I am happy with my body and like myself. It helps to have encouragement. Thanks!

  9. I have had asthma my entire life!! It is a challenge but one I have learned to take control of. You will gain that control and running is definitely a way to train your lungs. I find that taking my inhaler about 10 minutes before the run will usually prevent a flare up during. I have also found that when you start to get dry mouth running, sipping on cold water or having sugarless hard candy to suck on helps to prevent inflammation too! Keep pushing, you will get there!!

  10. Ha! Well that’s why I decided to tell the world. Everyone assumes I weigh less and when I talk about losing weight, women roll their eyes. I’m tall, so I wear it better. That doesn’t mean it isn’t just as unhealthy. My doctor says that I should weigh anywhere between 138-172…that is my healthy weight range. As you can see, I’m at the top of it and that needs to change. I’d be fine with anywhere in the 150’s. I think I will fall in love with running again. I’ve had an issue with it while having asthma, but I am trying to retrain my lungs and help them expand again, They are so badly scared. It’s sad since I’m only going to be 30 this year. My goal is to be in shape for my Birthday. : ) Thanks for the love and support. And you just reminded me that I need a new playlist!!!!

  11. Well I must say, I would have NEVER guessed your weight!! You look fabulous!! I do understand the jiggle, just need a little toning!! I’m glad you have taken up running, it too, has become a passion of mine in the last couple of years! You will be amazed at how fast your body builds strength and endurance. Before long, an hour and 6-7 miles pass before you know it and you just aren’t ready to quit yet! I love that you have the scenery worth running for, one thing I am lacking. My imagination does make up for the cream walls in my bedroom on the treadmill. It is also amazing what a good playlist can do!! I am excited to hear of you fitness endeavor and can’t wait to see the final reward!!

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